Dec. 13th – Jessie and Santa Claus go to a radio station

Radio station 1313HOHO is located in a small room above a pizza parlor in London, Ontario. The all Christmas music channel was struggling and  the university students running the channel searched the Internet for a Christmas themed guest to interview. From somewhere they found the email address for Santa’s company, and  arranged to interview him. So, on a blustery morning, Santa and Jessie sat in a small room. Santa had a microphone in front of him and an ear set on his head.

Interviewing Santa was a young man named John. John was a university student majoring in marketing. He had loved the commercialism of Christmas and thought that Santa Claus was a fake.

Jessie curiously watched John. He had green spiky hair and blotches all over his face. There was something about his expression that caused Jessie to distrust him. Her fur was standing erect as she watched him talking to Santa.  She moved so that she was between Santa and John and stood and barred her teeth.

“I’d like to welcome a Mr. Santa Claus. Mr. Claus holds a toy conglomerate and is known for his charity work for children at Christmas. Welcome Mr. Claus.”

“Thank-you John. I’m happy to be here. Please call me Chris.” Santa leaned on the table and rubbed the stubble on his face. He looked down at Jessie and patted her neck to calm her.

“So you run a toy conglomerate based at the North Pole. Isn’t it hard to ship your toys in a costly matter?” John smiled a crookedly.

“Quality more than expense is what interests me. It’s been twenty-five years since I took over my position from my father and  the quality of my  workforce  has never let me down. Yes, there are other locations that I could locate our manufacturing facility, but none would fit my requirements so well.”

‘You say you work with elves. Does that make you the real Santa Claus then?” John leaned in towards the microphone his eyes sparkling.

“Yes, I’m Santa Claus. I’ve never denied that fact. And yes I work with elves. What few people know is that the Elvin people are actually decedents of northern native tribes. They are well adapted to the conditions in the far North. They are honest, hardworking and extremely reliable.”

“So you admit to being Santa Claus. If you are Santa Claus, how can you deliver all of the toys to children of the world in one night? What about the reindeer? Everyone knows that reindeer can’t fly. Explain to me how we are supposed to believe your story. Aren’t you manipulating children’s expectations in order to fund your company?” John rapped the table with a wooden ruler on the desk.

“Santa never manipulates children and the magic of Christmas is not to be explained John. You just have to believe to understand it. Do you remember John when you were thirteen? If I wasn’t Santa Claus how would I know that you requested nothing more than a doll for your little sister. One of those soft, cuddly cloth things. I delivered it to her in purple wrapping with a note that it was from both you and me. Do you remember?”

John blushed and stuttered. “My parents bought that doll. Someone must have told you about that Christmas. May I point out to the listeners that Mr Claus (a.k.a. the real Santa Claus) is now trying to manipulate me.”

“I don’t manipulate people John. Do you remember the Christmas that I brought your mother a wig when she was going through cancer treatments. It was your Christmas wish. You’re a fine young man inside John. You once believed in the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe it’s time you start believing again.” Santa stood up and took Jessie’s lead. He led Jessie out of the building ignoring John who was loudly protesting.

Jessie and Santa climbed into a rental car and drove towards the airport. “I suppose you’re wondering what that was all about Jessie. I came to do this interview because John was always on the nice list until he reached the age of 18 when he somehow lost his way. I’m hoping that our visit will cause him to think about Christmas again, and change what he truly believes. I can’t guarantee he’ll change but I always do my best to help people when I can.”

Santa stopped at a red light and looked at the dog who was sitting on the seat nuzzling him.

“Time to go back to the North Pole. I need some sugar cookies. What about you?”

Jessie barked and licked Santa.   She was for once unconcerned with  Santa ‘soffer of sugar cookies.  Santa was truly a kind man and she was so proud of him that she was smiling on the inside.  She knew in her heart that Santa’s intervention with John would make a difference in his life just as Santa had in hers.  She knew  she was blessed to be part of Santa’s family.

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