December 14th – Jessie gets all wound up in Santa’s workshop

Jessie’s eyes glowed with excitement. The machine had different colours of ribbon coming out of its side. Wrapping elves sat beside the machine where they pulled and cut pieces to make their elaborate bows for the presents they were wrapping.

Jessie watched as the ribbon circled counter-clockwise around and around and around the room. She spotted one length of ribbon that was shiny silver. It reminded her of the flashes of fish in a clear river.

Jessie watched as the silver ribbon circled once more, and then searched to see if Santa was coming back from his meeting. He had told her he had to sort out a problem with the wrapping paper dye.

Jessie had tried to be good waiting for Santa. Jessie had slept several hours, and then played with some of the Elf children. But, Jessie was getting bored and that ribbon was getting more and more tempting.

Jessie decided that it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the machine. After all, Santa had brought her to the building and told her to enjoy herself. She wouldn’t be touching the machine she would just be running through the ribbon.

The dog got up from beside the fireplace and slowly walked to the machine. She watched to see if the elves were going to stop her. When no one did her she quickened her pace and stood under the machine with  ribbons flowing around her head.

Jessie sat on her haunches and watched the machine go around until she became dizzy. She looked down to the ends of the ribbons that were brushing the floor and noticed two feet standing in front of her. An elf with a purple box stood cutting some of the silver ribbon. She pulled until she had enough ribbon to wrap the present and then cut it. She then took the present and the ribbon back to the table. Jessie watched as the elf created one of the most elaborate bows that she had ever seen.

The dog was beginning to feel uneasy. Used to chasing rabbits, balls, and other moving objects, she wanted to grab the ribbon and then run. But, she also wanted to be good for Santa. Jessie whimpered and lay down on the floor. Her eyes continued to watch the circular motion, and flashes of silver whirring past her.

Jessie was too tempted. When the silver wound its way near her she grabbed the end of the ribbon  and began to run. She ran around the tables pulling the ribbon as she went. She wound the ribbon around the dye machine and the cocoa machine before any of the elves noticed. Then, one young elf alerted the others. “Wrapping catastrophe! Oh my!”

All of the elves in the room looked at Jessie. They saw the ribbon and they   broke up into small groups and  began chasing  the dog. A chorus of Elvin voices called throughout the room. The noise scared Jessie and she ran under and through the tables. She was so scared that she did not let go of the ribbon, and there was a web of ribbon surrounding everyone and everything throughout the room. Finally, shaking, she hid behind the wrapping machine. What had she done? Would Santa be angry?

She dropped the ribbon and slowly walked to the door outside of the conference room where Santa was She barked. Jessie dropped down with her paws over her nose and lay on the floor.

Santa opened the door and looked at the dog. He momentarily was confused when he saw her shaking until he looked up saw the room.Santa couldn’t help it. He laughed. He laughed a hearty full bellied laugh. Santa then lowered himself down to the ground and took the dogs head in her arm, and he gave her a big hug.

“This isn’t your fault Jessie. It’s mine. I left you out here way too long. Don’t worry I’ll pay the elves overtime to clean up the mess.  I see you hose silver ribbon. I’ll  remember that for the future.  Maybe you’d like chasing fish as well.  Their silver and wiggly.  Perhaps. we could go fishing sometime. Now Jessie, let’s go home.”

Jessie sighed in relief.  Santa still wanted her to be his companion and he wasn’t going to return her to the streets of Thunder Bay.  She was grateful and loved Santa and Molly.  She wasn’t sure she liked fishing, but she’d do anything for Santa.  If Santa wanted her to go fishing then she would.  She’d also be more careful in the future.  She wanted to stay with Santa and Molly forever.

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