Dec. 16th – Jessie sneaks a look into Santa’s bag

Jessie climbed into the sleigh and sat on the cushion Santa had placed on the seat for her. She was sitting directly behind Santa in front of a  compartment which held the largest bag she had ever seen. She sniffed the contents of the before becoming distracted when Santa snapped the reins and called out to the reindeer. “Let’s go boys. Off to the Toronto manufacturing plant please.”

In one movement, the reindeer leapt before they took off into the sky. Jessie watched the deer’s’ feet. They ran in mid-air. With every stroke of their hooves, the sled sped up until they were going so fast Jessie’s ears were whipping in the wind.

santa-sleigh-01Jessie carefully looked over the side of the sleigh. She could see trees, and buildings moving below her. She leaned a little further out to see a moose running below.

Santa looked behind his shoulder. “Jessie, lean back in. You’re getting too far outside of the sleigh.” He pulled the reins back to slow the sleigh slightly

Jessie sheepishly leaned back in the sleigh, and sat in the middle of her pillow.  She was trying to be good when she remembered the bag in the back of the sleigh. She still wondered what it contained.  Jessie wondered if it would be okay to take a look at the contents. After all, Santa let her wander the North Pole as she chose.  she really couldn’t see him minding her looking in an old beaten up bag.

Santa was now busy weaving through high skyscrapers. It took all his attention to weave back and forth. Jessie edged closer to the bag hoping to get a glimpse in  without Santa noticing.

Jessie quietly faced the other side of the  cushion. She could reach the bag now and she gently grabbed the rope tying the bag shut and  pulled the binding with her teeth. The bag was tightly closed and it took a lot of effort for Jessie to get the bag open. But, Jessie’s teeth were strong, and she was determined. She worked at the knots until she had worked the ropes free.

Jessie excitedly looked in the bag. There was nothing in it! The bag was standing up full, and plump, but there was nothing filling it.

Jessie dropped the top of the bag and plopped down in her seat.

Santa turned around and winked at her. “It’s time to land at our manufacturing facility in Toronto Jessie. Sit down tightly against the floor. Sometimes the landing gets bumpy.”

Santa snapped the reins against his chest. The sleigh rapidly slowed down and one by one the deer began running on a tarmac close to a large building. It was large like a warehouse, and was painted green. A red, and white sign was labelled ‘Cringle Enterprises.’

When the sleigh came fully to a stop Santa  jumped out and picked up Jessie. He put her on the ground beside the sleigh. “So, your curiosity got the best of you did it Jessie? Would you like to see what I see in the bag?’

Jessie yipped and Santa pulled the bag down. He reached deep into the bag, and pulled out a dog bone. He reached in again, and pulled out a bicycle. He reached in a third time, and pulled out a hula hoop. “It’s my magic bag Jessie. It’s the one that I use on Christmas to deliver the toys to the children. I brought it with us so that you could get used to riding with the bag behind you. Unfortunately, only I can pull items from the bag. It’s part of the magic that comes with my job. Now, we’ve arrived at our Toronto headquarters. Let’s get a bite to eat. Tomorrow we’ll tour the facility.

Jessie followed Santa, watching the  bag as it fluttered in the wind behind one of the workers back. He was swinging it back and forth, and dragging it in the mud.

Jessie wondered about the bag. She knew Santa was special, but she hadn’t realized how special. Jessie wondered what it was going to be like to ride in the sleigh on Christmas Eve.  She was sure she was going to see all kinds of magic on the trip.

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