Dec. 20th- Jessie watches Santa grow a beard

Jessie curiously looked at Santa’s Face. His normally close shaven beard had grown overnight. It was now big, bushy and streaked in colour. As she watched the streaks were changing colour and becoming a snowy white.

More alarming, Santa’s tummy was growing incredibly fast. His normally lean frame had gained a hundred pounds overnight and he was wheezing slightly as he worked.

Jessie walked up to Santa and nudged his hand. She licked his rough hands and whined softly.

Santa looked down from his paperwork. He smiled at Jessie. “It’s okay girl. This is part of the Christmas magic. Every year I gain almost 200 pounds. I jiggle when I wiggle.” Santa laughed heartily, and stroked the dog’s fur. “You’ll see. It will be fine.”

Jessie wasn’t sure that it was going to be fine. She loved Santa and she didn’t want him to get hurt. She decided she would have to keep closer to Santa until he was feeling better. She slumped down beside the desk where she could watch him.

Jessie tried to keep awake but it was so dark at the North Pole tonday that Jessie found herself nodding off. She adjusted her position to keep awake, but id didn’t work.  Soon, she was snoring softly.

Jessie didn’t wake for several hours until she heared Santa call “Drat”. She opened her eyes and stared at Santa. Her friend was standing at the window looking at his pants. A big split had opened in the cloth at  his bum. Through the hole jessie could see Santa’s purple and green boxer shorts.

Santa’s hair and beard were now entirely white, and his tummy rolled over his too tight pants. His button down shirt was about to pop open.

“I guess it’s time to wear my big clothes. You know Jessie, I often wondered if I didn’t gain the weight if the children would still look forward to seeing me. I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes I wish for Christmas I could have a celebration myself. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my job. I love seeing the children and making their dreams come true. I’d just like to spend a part of the holiday with my friends and family.

Santa sighed. He opened the closet and brought out a baggy green sweat suit. He put the clothes on and then grabbed a pair of wire framed glasses. Before returning to his work he patted Jessie on the head.

Jessie placed her head on Santa’s lap and sat down on the floor beside him. She had not thought about Santa wanting a Christmas. She decided that she would give him a Christmas too. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do it but she would. Santa needed a break and Jessie was going to give it to him.

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