Dec. 20th – Jessie is Queen of the Carnival Parade

Jessie trotted down the avenue with Santa and Molly behind. She stopped to watch an elderly elf organizing several hundred floats  into an organized line. Jessie could see all kinds of floats. There were floats ranging from the homemade kind with children overflowing off the sides, to industrial floats with placards advertising companies like ‘Poppies Peanuts’ or ‘Millionaire Pie’.

Santa stopped at a silver and blue float adorned with several small chairs .  they were vsurrounding a huge chair made with red plush fabric. Sitting in the seats surrounded by a huge and young Elf male and females. They were dressed in royal blue fabrics to match the float. The young elves waved at Jessie as she approached.

”Here we are Jessie. This is the float you and Molly will be riding on. I have to dress up my Santa suit and go on a float at the end of the parade. Don’t worry Molly will travel with you and keep you safe.” Santa petted the dog, kissed Molly, and walked away whistling into the distance.

Molly led Jessie up a set of stairs. She took Jessie to the over-sized chair and asked her to climb up. She then pulled out a satchel and began pulling out the contents. Molly had sewn a blue cape, and a dog-sized crown for Jessie to wear.

When Molly put the cape and crown on Jessie’s head, the dog was not happy. Jessie tried to knock the crown off using her paw. Molly patiently put the crown back on Jessie’s head each time she knocked it off.

Eventually, Jessie sighed and sat down on the chair. Her head and paws were hanging over the front, and she ruefully looked at Molly.

Molly laughed at the dog and climbed up beside her. “If you don’t mind I’ll ride with you.” Molly put on a blue and white polka dotted cape. She then draped her arm over the dog and rubbed her back.

Jessie wagged her tail and shook when the ground beneath her began to move. The trail of vehicles in the parade began to inch forward out of the arena. As they exited the doors, a huge roar came from the crowd. Everyone was calling Jessie’s name.

The sound and the movement scared Jessie. She ducked behind Molly.

“Jessie, everything is fine. Everyone knows you and loves you for saving the little girl. They’re just trying to express their appreciation. Now, come out from behind me and take a look.”

Jessie peeped out from behind the polka dots and saw a sea of faces looking at her. She cocked her ears.  a cheer went up in the crowd. Jessie stood up on the chair and tentatively wagged her tail. people began to applaud so she wagged her tail faster and opened her mouth wide in a grin. Her long tongue trailed from one side of her mouth.

Jessie could see people from all over town. There were also all sorts of dogs. She saw big dogs, little dogs, loud dogs and quiet dogs. She saw Poodles, Huskies, Labradors, Retrievers, and  Saint Bernards. Jessie wanted to jump down and make friends with each dog she saw, but Molly gently pulled her back onto the float.

When they were back at the end of the route, Molly allowed her to jump down. “I know what you would like for your birthday Jessie. You’d like a play date with some of the dogs in town. Since we don’t know when your real birthday is, I say that we declare that your birthday is on Boxing day. We’ll have a party in Claus’s park to celebrate Santa’s ride and to introduce you to the town’s dogs.. What do you think Jessie?”

Jessie yipped.  she jumped in Molly’s lap and licked her across the face. A party for Santa and to meet new friends.  With the ride on the sleigh Christmas was going to be extra special this year.  she could hardly wait.

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