Dec. 21st – Jessie helps Molly with Santa’s coat.

“Now Molly, I’ve been poked and prodded all morning. I have work to do in the manufacturing facility. Aren’t you almost finished?” Santa pushed his arms out in front of him and lifted his right leg in a stretch.

Jessie watched Santa. She thought it looked like he was trying to perform ballet but failing horribly.

“Christopher Cringle! Christmas is this week and your old suit is a disgrace. It’s the same every year. Cookie icing, soot and eggnog ground into the delicate fabric. Do you know how long it takes  to embroider the cuffs alone on this suit?’

Molly began to cry a steady stream of tears. She sat down with a plunk on the living room sofa and squealed. She reached underneath her and pulled out a pincushion filled with needles. She rubbed her leg and sniffed.

“I’m sorry Molly. I fell in Johnny Wattsburg home last year and destroyed the cookies and milk. Not to mention I left the tree sitting on an angle. I tried to fix it, but that’s another story. Soot I can’t help. It’s part of the job. I know you work hard to make me look great but maybe we could try something new this year. Maybe an ice blue coat and sweat pants. They’d be comfortable and the coat wouldn’t stick out so much in the dark.”

Santa hopped down from his chair and took off the heavy coat he was wearing. He lovingly felt across the front of the coat that was filled with embroidery of reindeer, mistletoe and snowflakes. The brass buttons clanked as he hit them with their ring.

Jessie nudged Santa. Santa couldn’t wear blue. No one would know him. She could understand wanting a wardrobe change. After all, the first coat Molly had made for her was not something she wanted to wear. But Santa had to dress like Santa. She couldn’t let Santa ruin Christmas by dressing differently.

Jessie jumped off of the couch and trotted over to the table with the coat on it. She gently grabbed it by the hood and dragged it off the table. She carefully pulled it towards Molly and Santa who were arguing about the coat. When she was a Santa’s foot she gently lay down the coat and barked.

Santa and Molly lookedat herp. Santa rubbed his snow from his now bushy white beard. He knelt down and brushed the dog’s fur. “So you agree with Molly. The coat is beautiful but it’s so heavy and cumbersome. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t feel like I was carrying twenty pound dumbbells. I don’t suppose there’s anything you can do Molly?”

“We can remove the inner lining to make it lighter but then you would be cold. We’d have to find some other form of insulation but I can’t think of what to put in that is light enough to keep you warm, and soft enough that you can maneuver.   Why don’t I call the Norad Santa tracking team?   They may know of an airline material suitable for your flight.” Molly picked up her cell phone and was about to dial the number when Jessie reached her paw up and moved the cell phone away from her ear. She whined and trotted towards the table where she looked back and sat down waiting for Molly to follow.

Curious, Molly abandoned her call and walked over to the table. Jessie jumped up on the table and pulled a bag towards Molly with her teeth.

Molly smiled. “Of course, Jessie you’re so smart. I don’t know how you knew that down feathers would work to keep Chris warm but they certainly will. I’ll replace them in the jacket and give it a good cleaning. Santa will  be presentable for Christmas in no time. Now, the two of you head off to the manufacturing facilities. I have a lot of work to do and very little time to get it accomplished.”

Jessie jumped down and ran towards Santa. She sat at his feet wagging her tail with her tongue hanging down from her mouth. She turned around in a circle.

“Santa laughed. He smiled at Jessie. “You’ve rescued me again girl. I’m so glad you found a solution to the weight of my coat. When we travel Christmas Eve on the sleigh it will make it so much easier. You are the smartest dog I know.”

Jessie opened her mouth. She barred her teeth in a grin and prodded Santa’s arm.

Santa smiled and then clipped a lead on Jessie’s collar. Let’s go to the manufacturing facility Jessie. You’ll need a lead this time as the eggnog is being delivered today. I don’t want temptation to get you into trouble.

Jessie whined. She didn’t like the lead but she would wear it. She would go anywhere with Molly or Santa. Now that the clothing crisis was averted maybe she could sneak some eggnog. She also had to think about how she was going to grant Santa’s wish about a real Christmas for him. As Santa began bouncing along down the corridor she followed dreaming ideas of what the perfect Christmas would be. After all if you lived with Santa there must be some Christmas Magic somewhere for Santa.

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