December 23rd – Jessie, Molly and Santa help a blue jay.

Jessie sniffed at the sodden pile of feathers.  She had been fast asleep earlier when she had heard a bang on the window pane above her.  Jessie had yawned, stretched her long legs and then looked out the window to investigate the noise.

IMG_0541Lying at the base of the windows was a blue jay.  It had flown into the window and knocked itself unconscious.  Jessie  walked through her doggy door and approached the bird.  It was still breathing so Jessie prodded it with her nose to try to get it to move.  When it didn’t respond Jessie carefully picked up the bird in her mouth and carried it back into the Claus’s house and into the kitchen.  She walked up to Molly and laid it at Molly’s feet. Jessie then poked Molly with her nose.

Molly looked down at Jessie.  She gave the dog a cookie and turned back to mixing up a batch of caramel corn for the Elvin children’s Christmas party that evening.  When Jessie prodded her with her nose again she turned with the wooden spoon in her hand.  She was about to tell Jessie to go  find Santa when she saw the bird Jessie had brought into the kitchen.

Molly put down the spoon, patted the dog on the head and leaned down to pick up the bird.  “Why, he’s cold.  He’s still alive though Jessie.  You’re a good dog for bringing the poor creature in here so carefully.  Once I’ve fixed up a place for the bird I’ll give you a treat for being so clever.”

Molly pulled down an old shoe box form above the cupboard door and lined it with plain tissue paper.  she carefully placed the bird in the box and put a terry cloth towel over the bird to keep him warm.  She then carefully placed the box near the fire.

“I wonder what a blue jay is doing this far north, ” said Molly?  “Hopefully, the warm fire will wake him and he is not hurt.  Why don’t you go lie down Jessie until the bird wakes up.  I’ll call you when he stirs.”

Jessie obediently went into the living room and climbed on the soft couch.  She fell asleep and began to snore as she dreamt about flying high above the tundra in the sleigh.   Jessie dreamt that she leaned over too far and fell out of the sleigh.  She was about to land on the ice when she was abruptly  awoken by a shriek from the kitchen.

Jessie jumped up and ran to the kitchen.  The blue jay had awoken and was now fluttering about the room swooping down and around Molly.  Molly had her hands over her head trying to prevent the bird from landing on her.

When Santa came into the room she hurried to his side and hid behind him.  “My goodness,” said Santa.  “That’s a lot of racket over a bird Molly.  He’s just scared.  You’d be scared in a contained space if you were used to the outdoors as well.  We can’t let him go outside in this weather.  It’s too cold.  I have a trap in the basement we used to catch your mother’s parrot when it got out.  Let me just go get it and I’ll catch the bird  Quit shaking Molly.  It’s just a frightened bird.”

Santa left the room and returned shortly with a large cage.  He baited it with sesame seed bread and placed it in the corner and sat down to wait.

It was some time until the bird calmed down.  When it was less agitated it spied the food in the cage and timidly hoped into the steel frame.  The door slid quietly down behind the bird.

“I’ll just take a quick sleigh ride down south and drop him off where it’s warmer.  Jessie, your a kind dog.  You could have left the bird to freeze but instead you brought him in to Molly I’m proud of you.”

Without another word he picked up the cage and headed towards the sleigh whistling as he left.  Soon Jessie heard the reindeer take flight and the swish of the sleigh as it flew by the door.

Jessie was proud of Santa too.  He was kind enough to travel hundreds of miles to take a cold and frightened animal to a place where it could survive.  Molly and Santa had shown to her that they were kind to everyone and everything.  They truly were good people, and they were her people.  With that thought in her head Jessie lay down below the window and drifted off to sleep once more.

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