Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents

Jessie wagged her tail furiously from her seat in the sled.  The activity of the day had been very exciting.  Presents from every guild were pulled into the warehouse and organized by magic.  The presents at the North Pole and the other warehouses would magically transport to Santa’s bag when he needed them.

In order to get the bag ready Santa had performed a Christmas ritual.  He’d taken the bag out on the tundra and waited until the magic snow falling from the Northern lights filled the bag.  Then he had said a few prayers.  The bag then glowed and grew larger and larger until it was the size of a freezer.  Toys peeked out of the top including a doll, teddy bear and a tablet computer.

Santa had loaded the bag into the sled and called Jessie to get into the back.  He had made a fuss of securing her properly in the back with the bag and then pulled his now overweight frame into the front.

Santa called to the deer in front of him.  “Rudolph, lead the way on this Christmas Eve day.   We have children to visit right away,”

As the side of the building lifted upwards and folded neatly onto itself, Santa pulled the reigns and whistled.  The sled slowly began to move forward.  It wasn’t long before they were flying high above the earth.

Jessie was fascinated and a little nauseous.  Santa used a time spell to slow down Christmas Eve so that he could deliver all of the presents.  Humans didn’t notice the change in time but she could.  The spell was literally making her sick to her stomach.  But Jessie didn’t care.  She was too excited to worry about her stomach.

Santa touched down in a small village near a tiny building.  Hee grabbed his bag and pulled out several wrapped packages.  He then held his finger to his nose and nodded.  Santa put the toys into a smaller decorative bag,  He patted Jessie on the head and then  began rising in the air.  He floated across the yard and landed on the roof of the building.  He then pulled out a small flashing machine and pressed the button.  He floated up and into the chimney with his bag.

Jessie panted.  She had wondered how he would get into the house.  Santa had never really explained how he delivered presents.  He had just asked her to come with him.  She was glad he got into the home but it was going to be a boring night for her if she had to sit in the sleigh all night.  Especially, since they were in a time vortex.

Santa appeared back on top of the home and floated to his seat.  He grinned at Jessie and then pulled on the reigns.  The reindeer flew upwards and pulled them towards the next building.

Jessie thought that the next house was not pretty.  Its shutters were falling off and the paint was cracking across the front of the building.  Someone had attempted to decorate by hanging a lone string of lights across the front of the door.  Several of the lights were burnt out and a few others were dimming.

“Would you like to come with me, Jessie?” Santa reached into his bag and pulled out  more presents than he had for the previous home.  She wagged her tail, yipped and pulled at the restraints that held her to the sleigh.

Santa laughed “Ho,ho,ho”  It was a phrase that Santa didn’t use throughout the year and Jessie found it curious that he would use it now.  All the same she didn’t care.  Santa was releasing her from the halter and she was going to go deliver presents!

Santa hugged Jessie with one hand and held the bag with the other.  The pair lifted off of the ground and floated into the air until they reached the building. They landed in the snow and Santa fumbled for his entry machine.  He hugged Jessie again with the machine below her belly and grabbed his bag.  He flipped the switch.

Jessie could feel the Christmas magic radiating throughout her body.  She could feel Santa’s adventures from years ago delivering presents.  She also saw another man doing the same thing before Chris.  It was like she could feel all of the joy delivered by the many generations of Santa’s  who had come before Chris.

Before Jessie could squirm she found herself in a tiny living room.  There was no fireplace and the furniture was sparse and damaged.  In a corner of the room two stockings lay on a chipped table.  Under the tree were exactly two presents.

“This is the home of a family who’s parents have been out of work for over a year Jessie.  I brought extra gifts for the children and some clothes for the parents so they can go on interviews.  Will you help me with the stockings.  Put your nose into the bag and pull out two real stockings.  The children deserve to have some pretty ones after the year they’ve had.”

Jessie obediently reached into the bag and pulled out two full stockings.  They were embroidered with the children’s names and were full to the brim.

Santa placed the stockings and then turned to the tree.  It was artificial and leaned to one side.  Santa sighed.  He held his finger up to his temple and as his eyes sparkled the tree straightened itself.  Tiny twinkling lights appeared on its branches and red and green balls  glowed in the light.

“Jessie, bring me my bag.”,

Jessie obediently pulled the bag over to Santa and he opened it up.  The presents lifted up and out and arranged themselves around the base of the tree.

Santa then turned to the table and reached down once more into the bag.  He pulled out fruit, bread, cheese and other food items to fill the table top.  Satisfied he nodded and smiled at Jessie.  He walked to the dog and hugged her again while giving her a kiss on her head.  He clicked the button on his machine and they were transported back to the sleigh.

As Santa secured Jessie back in the sleigh, Jessie was smiling.  She knew that they had provided much needed food, clothing and toys for a family in need and she was proud of Santa.  She still didn’t know how Santa knew what families needed what presents but it didn’t matter now.  She was just happy she was helping Santa to make a difference in children’s lives.

Santa petted Jessie’s fur.  “Thank-you Jessie.  You were a lot of help in that home.  Sometimes when I see poverty it gets to me on my journey.  Your help and companionship made it a little more bearable for me.  Good job, girl.”

Santa  pulled on the reigns and they moved to the next house, and then the next house and so on. They went to apartment buildings, tents and even one igloo to deliver the presents.  The time went by in a blur for Jessie.  When they finally landed safely on the floor at home, Jessie was exhausted.  As Chris released her bindings she nudged his hand and licked him across the cheek.

Santa gave Jessie a big hug and wobbled as he got off the sleigh.  The trip had taken quite a toll on Santa’s health.  But. Jessie knew that he would have it no other way.  He was Santa Claus and it was his passion to help children.  Tonight he had helped billions and Jessie had helped too  Her chest expanded with pride.  If she could talk to Santa she would tell him how proud she was .  But somehow she knew that Santa already felt in his heart how she felt.

Jessie stretched and looked at the elves busy helping the reindeer out of their halters.  She silently wished them Merry Christmas Eve and then headed for home.


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