Dec. 29th – Jessie listens to Christmas Carols

Jessie jumped on the paper strewn across the floor. She loved the sound of crinkly Christmas paper under her nails. She moved her paws back and forth shredding the paper into little pieces. When the paper was shredded into confetti sized bits she climbed up on her couch and stretched her long legs.

Jessie was bored and was trying to entertain herself. Molly’s mother, sister, and her sister’s son were visiting.  Since Santa was visiting with the group Jessie was confined to the house and had been left to entertain herself.  Jessie was used to her daily adventures with Santa and Jessie was tired of amusing herself. Jessie picked up her stuffed bunny and threw it on the floor in front of Santa’s feet.  Continue reading Dec. 29th – Jessie listens to Christmas Carols