December 31st- Jessie, Molly and Santa Claus celebrate New Year’s Eve

Molly, Santa and Jessie were in Claus park at the annual New Year’s Eve celebration and Jessie was having a marvelous time.  All of her friends had come to the park and she had spent the evening playing chase the snowball with Chloe and Angel.  When she felt she could run no more she flopped on the ground and panted as she watched Santa and Molly on the dance floor.  There were several fiddlers playing a jig and Molly and Santa were stomping across the dance floor.

Jessie looked at Santa more quickly.  Santa had lost much of the magic weight he gained in order to look like Santa Claus.  The huffing and puffing that Santa had done over the past few weeks was now gone and Santa was hopping up and down with a smile on his face.  The dance ended and Santa approached Jessie.

“It looks like you had a good time Jessie.  Are you ready to go see the fireworks?  The Elf who takes care of them has been working all year to put on a special display this year.  He’s developed a formula which enriches the brightness of the sparks as they fly down in the sky.  It should be a wonderful show.  But first let’s put these earmuffs on you.  They’ll  hide the noise from the fireworks blasts.”

Santa placed some purple and green noise canceling headphones over Jessie’s ears, clipped on her lead and led Jessie to the outdoor skating rink beside the ocean.  They sat in the bleachers and patiently waited.

In a short time the fireworks began to go off.  They were beautiful.  The formula the  Elf created made the sparks twice as bright and the entire night sky filled up with colour.

The show went on for twenty minutes before one of the fireworks misfired.  It hissed and flew directly into the crowd where an elderly Elvin woman was sitting.  The firework grazed her arm as it flew by her and lodged itself into the bleachers.  The woman cried out in pain and leaned over holding her arm.

Jessie stood up and whined pointing with her nose to the woman.  Santa grabbed her lead and stroked her back holding her in place.  As Jessie struggled to reach the woman the Elvin fire brigade came from the sidelines and approached the bleachers.  A medic assessed the woman’s arm and led her away to a waiting hospital sled.

The fire brigade doused the firework with a solution to prevent it from starting a fire.

Jessie plopped down on the ground and placed her head on Santa’s leg.  She couldn’t hear Santa but she could see his lips.  He mouthed to her that it was okay and to stay with Molly.  He handed the lead to Molly and then disappeared down the stands and headed to the bleachers where the fire brigade was working.  He talked with the workers as they examined the remainder of the fireworks and then motioned to the Elf to continue with the show.

Jessie watched as the lights filled the sky once more.  She leaned against Molly as the lights filled the dark night sky.  The remainder of the show went on for over forty five minutes.  At the crescendo of the show the lights flickered and spelled out Happy New Year in lights across the sky.  The lights then dimmed and the spectators began to wander away to their respective homes.

Molly reached down and removed the earphones from Jessie’s head and petted her head. “What do you think Jessie did you like the show.”

Jessie timidly barked and then glanced down at the bleachers.  She whined and wagged the tip of her tail.

“It’s okay Jessie.  Santa texted me.  The woman who got hurt has already been healed by Elf salve.  She’ll be fine.  Santa wouldn’t have continued the show if there had been danger of  anyone else getting hurt.  Now, let’s go home.  Santa is waiting there for us with sparkling cider to celebrate the New Year.  I have a secret Jessie.  Do you want to hear it?”

Jessie barked and licked Molly’s hand.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful year.  I have Santa and I have you for family and family is the most important thing in the world.”






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