January 31st – Jessie gets into a battle.

Jessie eyed the orb. It was sitting innocently on the ground between her and Charlie just out of Jessie’s reach. Jessie pretended to be sleeping with her head facing the ball. Once Charlie settled into his little cat bed, she would try to rescue her ball.

In the past few days Charlie had proven to be a nasty little animal. At least Jessie thought he was. Every time Jessie had walked past Charlie it had hissed and reached out to slash at her with his claws. Yesterday the cat’s nails had sunk into Jessie’s nose and caused it to bleed. Continue reading January 31st – Jessie gets into a battle.

January 30th – Jessie finds a bone

Jessie’s mouth watered. She was looking at the biggest bone she had ever seen. It didn’t smell like a bone, but Jessie definitely knew what a bone looked like, and this one was going to be hers.

The bone was buried in the ground, and Jessie wondered why someone would have buried such a beautiful bone. It didn’t matter to her why it was there. The only thing that mattered was uncovering the bone and taking it to the Claus house.

Jessie dug with her claws around the bone until it was fully exposed, and then bit into it. She whined in pain. The bone was very, very hard.

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Jan. 28th – Jessie meets Charlie the cat

The intruder raced around Jessie’s tail, and into Molly’s sewing room.  Jessie ran behind the intruder at full speed. She barked as loud as she could to get Molly and Santa’s attention.

It tore up the curtains and used its long nails to shred lines into Molly’s freshly pressed curtains. Jessie sat below staring at the devastation.

Santa had come home earlier in the  morning with a tiny kitten in his pocket. He had rescued it from a ravine in Chicago where he was doing business. When the animal came into the house, Jessie instinctively hated it. Molly loved it.  She stroked the animal’s fur, and gave it chicken off of the table. Jessie waited patiently for some chicken too, and eventually barked at Molly to get her attention.

“Sorry Jessie. Have a piece of chicken. I didn’t mean to forget about you. Just this kitten is so darling. Why we could fit 20 of him into you. I think we’ll call him Charlie. What do you think?” Molly asked.

Jessie cringed. She did not like cats. She never had liked them, but Molly seemed to love the little animal. Jessie decided she would try to get along with Charlie. Jessie barked, and licked the cat on the head. The cat turned, and slashed her nails across Jessie’s leg. Fortunately, the cat was tiny, and the nails did no harm.

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