Jan. 2nd – Jessie and Santa go ice fishing

Jessie’s ears flew in the wind as she rode on Santa’s snowmobile out onto the frozen ocean. Jessie didn’t know where she was going, but so far the trip had been fun. She loved the wind blowing through her fur. That is, the fur that Molly hadn’t covered with her coat, boots and hat. Molly had even added a scarf to the clothes just to make sure she’d be warm. But Jessie didn’t care. If wearing clothes made Molly happy and allowed her to travel with Santa, then she would wear them every day.

Santa drove the snowmobile for nearly an hour until they came to a little village of huts built on the ice. Santa slowed the snowmobile and hopped off.  “Come on Jessie we’re here. Let’s go in and have some fun.” Continue reading Jan. 2nd – Jessie and Santa go ice fishing