January 3rd – Jessie goes to a museum gala

The building contained hundreds of trees decorated from Christmas. Each tree contained a theme. There were trees  with birds, trees with dogs, and trees with every other theme that the curators could think of.

The trees reached high up to the glass ceiling. In the sky, the skyscrapers of the city of London were visible. Small flakes of snow drifted down from the sky and melted on the  glass panes.  Rivulets of water from the melting snow slid down the glass.

Jessie yawned. Santa had woken Jessie a little before 5 a.m. and told her that they were going on another road trip. Santa was opening the new Christmas ornament museum in London, Ontario. They were to attend the gala event.

When Santa woke Jessie, Santa and Molly were already dressed and ready to go. Santa wore his Christmas suit and Molly wore a long green evening gown. Molly insisted that Jessie put on her Santa hat before they left for the gala.

Jessie in her Santa hat

Jessie had looked at the sparkle of the trees for a long time until she got bored. Jessie sauntered down the hall.  She sniffed the air and smelt the wonderful aroma of roasted turkey. Although she wasn’t hungry, Jessie couldn’t help going into the  buffet room. She moved to go towards the  table when she looked up. Up on a small tree  the Christmas lights sparkled on crystal stars. The stars shone with rays of green, red and blue. Their shadows danced around in a dazzling display of movement.

Jessie was mesmerized by the light. Her eyes, and head began to move around in circles watching the rays. It was hard, but eventually she was able to focus on one blue colored ray. She watched as it moved across the room and approached her. As it crossed her path she tried to bite the ray in two only to have it move forward through her and across the room.

Jessie moved backwards in front of the another oncoming ray.  She   snapped her jaws shut trying to capture the light in her mouth. Unfortunately, Jessie did not know what was behind her. Jessie backed into the buffet table and knocked the folding legs out from under the table. A full turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, and gravy rained down on Jessie’s head.

Jessie sat momentarily stunned. Gravy dripped off of her Santa hat down her face and onto the floor. Mounds of mashed potato were piled high on her back, and neck. Jessie stood up and began to shake the gravy and potatoes off of her fur. She didn’t notice the shrieks in the room until Santa came into the room and gently called  her. “Jessie, stop. You’re getting the guests all dirty.”

Jessie stopped shaking, and looked at Santa. He had a serious look on his face as he turned and apologized to the gala’s guests. He turned back and winked at Jessie,before he began sponging the dog off with a towel a museum volunteer brought to him. When Santa was done he made his excuses to the curator and led Jessie out of the building to the waiting car.

When the group was enclosed in a taxi, Molly, and Santa burst out laughing. Jessie’s ears perked up.   She had thought that Santa would be angry, but he was laughing. She didn’t understand.

“Jessie, you saved the day. I’ve been trying to find a reason to leave for an hour already. Your accident was just in time though,I would have preferred if you found somehow less messy to intervene.” Santa directed the taxi to take them to a local airfield and sat back to relax.

Jessie was relieved and a bit confused. Even when she had ruined the gala’s event, they had been kind to her. She hadn’t even been chastised. It made Jessie feel warm inside to know that Santa, and Molly loved her unconditionally.

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