Jan. 9th – Jessie slows down and smells the roses

Jessie rubbed her nose on Molly’s skirt, and whined. She had come indoors from sniffing the roses in Aunt Marge’s garden.

Molly’s aunt Marge had fallen the previous evening and broken her hip. Molly had hurried to Marge’s side and brought Jessie with her. Molly was busy getting her aunt comfortable and had left Jessie to entertain herself.
Marge lived on a large farm in Alabama and Jessie had found interesting things all around her. She had watched  a bunny rummage rummage under a hedge and had fun chasing it away.   Jessie had also visited the barn and made friends with Tilly the cow. Jessie explored Marge’s large flower and vegetable garden. She had eaten fresh berries from the vines and sniffed the glorious odors of fresh earth. When she reached the edge of the garden she found a patch with all different colors of roses intermingled with butterfly bushes.

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