Jan. 10th – Jessie and Santa get in shape

After Christmas, magic makes Santa shrink and become much thinner. But after Christmas, Santa enjoyed too many sugar cookies and he started to gain back the weight he had lost. This morning the button on his pants burst open.

Each year Santa was determined to make sure he didn’t gain any more weight than necessary. He didn’t mind his jolly Christmas tummy but he wanted to make sure he fit into his new Christmas suit. The suit was made of the finest velvet with brass buttons and synthetic fur cuffs. Molly had lovingly sewn the suit and embroidered the edges with holly and snowflakes.

Today Santa went to the gym and Jessie followed along behind. Santa began using the weights, and the stationery bicycle.

Jessie sat in the corner and watched but soon became bored and fell asleep. She snored away for an hour before she woke up, yawned and went to nuzzle Santa.

Santa reached down from the treadmill and tried to stroke the dog. The platform was moving too fast and his hand missed the dog’s back. Santa stopped the treadmill, hopped off and stroked Jessie’s fur. Sweat rolled down his face and he wiped it with a towel.

“I like to exercise Jessie. Do you? It makes me feel more alive. I believe the scientists say it has something to do with endorphins, but I don’t know much about that.“

Chris looked at Jessie. “You look very sleepy girl. You could use some exercise to wake you up. Why don’t you try the treadmill?”

Jessie looked at the contraption that Santa was pointing at. She didn’t like the look of the machine, but if Santa said it would help her then she would give it a try. The dog jumped on the platform and  waited for Santa  to start the it going.

Santa turned on the machine at a very slow speed and Jessie began walking. The moving treads felt funny on her paws and she didn’t understand why anyone would want to walk in the same place. But she continued walking.

Santa leaned over the machine and increased the speed. Jessie moved faster and began running in a gentle trot.

It took some time, but Jessie eventually found that she was moving in time with the rhythm of the machine. She was beginning to understand why Santa enjoyed the run.  She trotted away for five minutes until Molly came into the room. She brought with her roast beef sandwiches.

Jessie sniffed the air and forgot she was on the machine. She stopped running and quickly slid backwards off of the moving platform. She landed on back against the wall with her feet splayed up in the air.

Jessie whined and then righted herself and stood up. She licked her legs to see if there was any damage. She was sore, but she was okay.

Santa turned white and came over to the dog. He felt down her legs and across her back to make sure that the dog was not hurt.

Jessie licked him on the face, stood up, and trotted over to Molly. She sniffed the plate that held the roast beef sandwich.

Santa sighed in relief. “It looks like she’s okay Molly. I think in the future I’ll take her walking so that she can get exercise.”

He watched the dog sniffing the plate. “Jessie has excellent taste. Let’s eat!”

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