Jan. 12th – Jessie goes on a train ride

Jessie watched as mountains and pine trees whipped by her window.  She was travelling on the train to go to an opening of a Christmas village park, and Jessie was excited. Santa had told her that the owner of the park had a small zoo, and in the zoo had some moose. Jessie had always wanted to meet a moose. She’d seen several on a nature program on television and was amazed by the size of the animal.

Earlier in the day, Santa had settled the sleigh by a train station and he had said he had a treat for Molly and Jessie. Santa had rented a train car for the three of them to travel to the theme park.

Jessie had excitedly watched animals flash by the train windows all day. She’d seen deer,and even some cows. Each time they passed an animal she raised her nose to the air, sniffed and wagged her tail excitedly.

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