Jan. 14th – Jessie meets a white squirrel

The jiggly balloon jiggled back and forth in the winter sun as groups of children ran up and through the opening in Santa’s house.  . They slid out of the other side and landed in sand boxes full of  snow.

Jessie’s ears twitched as she watched the children play. She had always loved children, and had tried earlier to go play with them. But Chris had told her that her claws would damage the balloon so she had sad patiently waiting until the children lost interest in the balloon and came to see Santa..

Exasperated, Jessie plopped down on her haunches.  She put her head between her paws and watched the children run to and fro. Behind her, Chris, Molly and the owner talked about the Red Holly Berry Park.  Continue reading Jan. 14th – Jessie meets a white squirrel