Jan 15th – Jessie and the ice cave

Jessie sniffed the ground and tried to pull Santa into the ice cave. From the moment Santa had told her she was going on the carnival ride  she had been excited. Jessie loved rides and she was so excited that she she tried to push herself to the front of the line.

“Patience,  Jessie,” said Santa. “We have to wait our turn.”

Jessie looked at the people ahead of her. There was a small group of teenagers climbing into a light blue car.It was on a track that led deep into the man-made ice cave. She whined but tried to wait patiently. When it was finally their turn, Jessie bolted forward pulling Santa into the front car. Jessie stood with her feet on the handle bars, her ears alert and her tail whipping Santa on the back of the head.

Shortly after they climbed in the car began to move. It sped up so fast that Jessie’s ears and tongue  whipped from side to side.

The car banked a curve and Jessie fell onto Santa’s lap. Then the car rose up higher into the sky. At the crescendo of the climb Jessie looked down excitedly. She could see crystals shining below her. The ride was designed to look like thousands of ice crystals glittering in the sun.. Sparkling waves of color glimmered in the air. Jessie thought it was beautiful.

Jessie looked down at the track in front of her. It dropped at a deep angle straight down and Jessie barked excitedly.  Her tail shook her body from side to side as she wagged it furiously.

The car hung in mid-air and then unexpectedly dipped and rolled down the track.  It went faster and faster turning into a straight section and then downwards.

Jessie’s ears whipped in front of her eyes and her stomach lurched. When they reached the bottom of the incline Jessie felt ill. She wavered from to the side and whined at Santa. Jessie pulled forward and tried to jump out of the cart but the dog was securely belted to the back of the car.

“Jessie girl, sit still! You can’t get out of the car until it stops moving.”

Jessie whined  and belched. Her insides were heaving and she wasn’t sure if she could stop herself from vomiting on the floor. She looked at Santa imploringly.

Santa pulled Jessie close to him. “Just a few more curves Jessie.”

The car started climbing again. It climbed further and further up until Jessie’s nose was at the peak of the building. She trembled and closed her eyes.

The car swerved and then dropped straight  down.

Jessie’s stomach took another dive. She held her jaw firmly in place to keep from being sick and kept her eyes closed until the car moved forward and gently rolled to a stop.

”Here girl, let me help you.” Santa lifted Jessie in his strong arms and pulled the dog out of the car. He carried her back to a patch of pavement and gently placed her down.

Jessie wobbled from side to side. Her head was pounding and her stomach lurched at the sight of a child holding cotton candy.

Jessie dropped down to the ground and hid her eyes with her paws.   She sat there for some time with Santa gently stroking her fur.

When Jessie’s stomach settled she looked up at the ice cave in front of her. She had never thought that she would find a ride that she didn’t like  but she definitely didn’t like this one. From now on she was staying away from carnival rides  The only ride she wanted to take from now on was a ride in Santa’s sleigh..

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