Jan. 16th – Jessie blows bubbles

It stretched high above her. Green, silver and rusty, the machine chortled and grunted as it mixed Santa’s special bubble mixture together.

When the mixture cooled Molly planned to package the bubbles in candy cane colured bottles with clover leaf bubble blowers. She said the clover leaf would bring the children luck. Once they were package, Santa would place the bubbles in the children’s Christmas stockings next season.

The mixture was gurgling away and Molly had come over to the manufacturing facility to oversee the bottling of the product.

Since Santa was away at a conference  Jessie had accompanied Molly to the facility.

Jessie sniffed the floor around the machine. It smelt like peppermint candy canes. Jessie loved candy canes.

Jessie pushed her nose around the floor encircling the machine. She decided that the smell must be coming from the liquid in the machine and if it smelt good then it must taste good too.

Jessie glanced to see what Molly was doing. She was talking to a technician who was testing a red bottle of liquid. Jessie kept a close eye on Molly and sneaked around the machine to the chamber where the liquid cooled.

There was a small hamper at the end of the row that barely had any liquid in it. Surely if she tried it Molly wouldn’t mind, thought Jessie.

Jessie stood on her legs and balanced her front paws on the hamper. She leaned in and took a large slurp of the liquid. It  didn’t taste  like peppermint at all. It was horrible.

Jessie spat the soap out on the floor near the hamper. A series of tiny bubbles spewed from her mouth in a trail leading up to the ceiling.

She spat again, and hiccuped. A large bubble came out of her mouth and floated in the direction of Molly.

Molly saw the bubble, took one look at the dog, and shook her head. “In a predicament again Jessie? The containers contain soap not candy.”

Molly furrowed her brow, took a second look at the dog, and then looked at the bubble mixture.

“Fortunately, it’s not poisonous Jessie. Rose, we’ll have to remake the sap for the bubbles. If Jessie mistook the liquid for candy a small child might as well. We’ll need to remove the peppermint scent.”

Jessie looked at Molly with a head pointed to the floor. She wasn’t sure if Molly was angry with her or not. Jessie belched once more and Molly laughed.

“Well, I hope this teaches you not to eat things you don’t know about. I’m not angry Jessie but the mixture could have been poisonous, and I don’t want you sick. Understand, girl?”

Jessie yipped and wagled the point of her tail. There were fewer bubble now but she still had a horrid taste in her mouth. Molly was right.   Jessie liked bubbles but she didn’t want to be a bubble machine.

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