Jan. 17th – Jessie gets all wet

Crash! The bowl smashed on the loor flinging orange and white goldfish across the room. They flopped and flopped on Molly’s antique carpet.

Jessie jumped back and pinned her ears down to the ground. She flopped to the ground with her nose between her paws,  closed her eyes and waited.

Jessie shivered. Her back was covered in stinky fish water and she smelled like a bog. What was Molly going to think?

Jessie got up off the floor and walked to the kitchen. She sat on her back haunches with her head down and just stood there waiting for Molly to notice her.

Molly was busy baking cream puffs for the humane society charity fundraise, and at first did not notice Jessie. When she did she dropped the cookie sheet she was holding onto the marble table top and stared at the dog.

“Jessie, what have you been up to now? You stink! “Molly came forward and grabbed the dog’s collar. She pulled a tea towel off of the counter and rubbed down the dog’s fur. .

Molly put the towel to her face, and smelled. She screwed up her nose, and immediately backed up. “Fish! Oh no!”

Molly dropped the towel in the  laundry hamper and then hurried into the living room. Jessie slowly walked behind her. She kept her eyes low as she waited for Molly to see the fish tank.

When Molly turned the corner and saw the fish on the floor she dropped to her knees and tried to scoop them up. “Santa, bring me a jug of water quickly!’

From the den, Santa hurried out and hurried to the kitchen. He returned with a glass bowl filled with fresh water. Santa placed the bowl carefully on the coffee table and began scooping the fish one by one into the small bowl. Before long he had all nine fish in the bowl.

Jessie moved closer to the bowl and looked. The fish did not seem to be hurt by their encounter. Jessie sighed and then sat down.  She and waited for Molly’s response.

“Christopher Cringle. I love Jessie as much as you do but I told you weeks ago that she needed some training. Well, enough is enough. You are going to arrange for obedience lessons with Doctor Zoogent. Is that clear Santa?” Molly held her hands against her hips,and tapped her foot against the ground. A deep frown furrowed her brow. She stood staring at Santa.

“Err… fine Molly,” replied Santa.

Molly stamped out of the room mumbling to herself. She slammed the kitchen door behind her.

Santa looked at Jessie and shook her head. “It’s OK Jessie. It’s just she started raising fish when she was a child and these are the ancestors of the original fish that she raised. She’ll calm down when she realizes their fine. While we’re waiting we might as well make an appointment go see Doctor Zoogent. He’ll teach you all kinds of interesting things like how to balance a ball on your nose or how to open the refrigerator door. “ Santa winked at Jessie and stroked her across her back.

Jessie’s ears perked up and she looked up.

“Just stay away from Molly until she calm down. Everything will be okay.”

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