Jan. 18th – Jessie’s top 9 locations to visit at Santa’s Village



  • Mangle’s Department Store – Santa and Jessie get to meet all of her friends in town and gossip.  Jessie loves to see the children and visit the toy department.
  • Sybil’s Sleigh Shoppe – Sybil repairs the sleigh for Santa.  Every time Jessie visits Sybil adds a new item to the sleigh for Jessie.  So far shes added a dog biscuit dispenser, a blanket holder and a heater.  Jessie also likes to watch the fish in Sybil’s large fish tank.  She has all sorts of aquatic life including sharks!
  • Petey’s Polar Post – This is where all of the children’s HOHOHO letters go.  Santa’s elves pick up bags all year long.  Jessie likes the crackly packing and popping the bubbles in the bubble wrap packing in the store.
  • Posey’s Vet Clinic – When  Jessie’s sick Posey makes Jessie feel better in no time.  She also loves the healthy treats Posey gives her when she visits.
  • The Reindeer Roof – Jessie likes to visit the babies as they are learning to fly.  She watches as they jump off of hay bales and swoop and sweep over the Arctic ice.
  • Tundra Health and Fitness – Jessie gets to play basketball with the local children’s team.  Go, Bears! Go!
  • Claudia’s Cake and Cookie Creations – Claudia the Elf creates all the sweets for Santa’s Christmas stockings.  She bakes a special dog cookie for Jessie and as a treat Santa lets her go to the store every morning
  • The Husky Home – This is where the sled dogs play and rest when they are not traveling with Santa.  Jessie has made a lot of friends in the Husky Home.
  • Mumble Jumble Museum – A museum that holds the relics from all the Santa’s of the past.  The spirits of the past Santas also live there.  Jessie loves to meet the current Santa’s ancestors and see all of the old toys.