Jan. 22nd – Jessie and Santa meet the white squirrel

Jessie and Santa were at the bakery door when Claudia pulled out her keys in the morning.  Through the window they could hear a banging noise coming from the back of the store.  The trio quickly hurried through the restaurant to the bakery kitchen.

The humane trap was bouncing up and down as a chubby white squirrel tried to work its way out through the mesh.  The animal grew agitated when Jessie entered the room and began to chatter loudly.

Jessie growled at the squirrel and Santa reached down to pet the dog.  “Enough, Jessie.  The animal is scared.  He’s far away from home and trapped in a cage.  You’d be upset in the same circumstances.”

Jessie stopped growling and sat down roughly at the floor. She still didn’t like the look of the squirrel but if Santa said she should be quiet she would.  Continue reading Jan. 22nd – Jessie and Santa meet the white squirrel