January 23rd – Jessie vs the white squirrel

Molly lost hold of the squirrel and it flew to the ground in mid stride.  It quickly ran across the floor and clawed its way up Molly’s freshly sewn curtains.  Molly shrieked, ran to the curtains and tried to bat the squirrel off of the curtain rod with a yardstick.

The squirrel looked down at Molly and chattered.  It pushed itself back towards the wall and hid behind the cloth.

Jessie couldn’t stand it any more.  She didn’t like squirrels and hadn’t been happy when Santa had insisted that the animal live in the Claus house until it was transported home.  She had tried to be good all morning even though she wished the squirrel was elsewhere.  Jessie had even sat quietly when Molly had crooned over the squirrel.  But now Molly was upset and it was time to take action. Continue reading January 23rd – Jessie vs the white squirrel