January 23rd – Jessie vs the white squirrel

Molly lost hold of the squirrel and it flew to the ground in mid stride.  It quickly ran across the floor and clawed its way up Molly’s freshly sewn curtains.  Molly shrieked, ran to the curtains and tried to bat the squirrel off of the curtain rod with a yardstick.

The squirrel looked down at Molly and chattered.  It pushed itself back towards the wall and hid behind the cloth.

Jessie couldn’t stand it any more.  She didn’t like squirrels and hadn’t been happy when Santa had insisted that the animal live in the Claus house until it was transported home.  She had tried to be good all morning even though she wished the squirrel was elsewhere.  Jessie had even sat quietly when Molly had crooned over the squirrel.  But now Molly was upset and it was time to take action.

Jessie jumped down off of the couch and raced to the curtains.  She began to steadily bark while jumping on her hind legs..  She snapped at the squirrel on the rod even though the animal was too far off the ground to reach.

The squirrel pushed itself harder against the wall and lost its footing.  It slid down the wall and onto the ground facing Jessie.  The squirrel temporarily froze while Jessie growled.

Jessie moved to approach the squirrel and it took off  towards the kitchen.  It ran up and over the coffee table, over the couch and through the door to the pantry.

Jessie followed in the same path. She knocked over the coffee table, pushed all of the cushions off of the couch and slid into the pantry door as it wasn’t open wide enough for her to get through.

Jessie sat and growled at the door.  Through the hole she could see the squirrel trembling in the corner of the little room.  It tried to hide beneath a sack of coffee but the bag was blue and the squirrel’s white fur stuck out against he sack.

Jessie nudged the door with her nose.  It moved a tiny bit so she tried harder and gave a shove.  With a bang, the door opened wide and Jessie stood facing the squirrel.  She moved closer and growled louder.  She stared at the squirrel.  She had always chased squirrels in Thunder Bay but had never been able to corner one.  Now, she thought, what am I going to do with it?

Jessie abruptly sat down and ceased growling.  She moved her face from side to side curiously.  Her nose went up in the air as she sniffed the fear of the other animal.  Perhaps, thought Jessie, chasing the squirrel was more fun than catching it.

Jessie stood up.  Hurried over to the squirrel and licked it across its face.  She then walked back to the couch and climbed on the now cushion-less frame.  She sat licking her paws and wagged her tail when Santa came out of his office.

Santa looked at the dog with a perplexed look.  “What is all the noise about Molly?  I was on an international call and could barely hear my own words.”  Santa followed Molly to the pantry where she pointed to the squirrel.

“Christopher Cringle.  I want that animal out of this house today.  It shredded my new curtains …  and that dog of yours is no help.  Do you know what she did,” Molly asked?  “She kissed the squirrel on its head.  She was no help at all.”

Santa tried not to laugh.  He went into the pantry and used his Christmas magic to pick up the squirrel.  “I’ll have the Elves take the squirrel home right now Molly.”  He walked passed his wife and gave a quick pat to the dog’s head as he headed towards the door.

Jessie thumped her tail as Molly grunted.  Within minutes Jessie was snoring soundly on the couch dreaming of chasing but not catching other squirrels.

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