January 24th – Jessie and Santa visit Sybil’s sleigh Shoppe

There was a loud clang as the technician dropped a wrench onto the cement floor.  Jessie jumped and shook her ears. She moved closer to Santa and wagged her tail when Sybil came into view.

Sybil owned Sybil’s Sleigh Shoppe and she was the only person that Santa would allow to fix his sleigh.  He said that Sybil could feel when there was something wrong with his main sleigh  More than once he had been woken by a phone call from Sybil telling him he needed to have the sleigh checked out immediately.  The last time he had done so the left runner was split and would have come off if it had landed once more!

Jessie liked Sybil.  Sybil was always friendly and had gone out of her was to add things to the sleigh for Jessie.  She had already added a dog biscuit dispenser, a blanket holder and a heater.  Today, she had called Santa to the shop telling him that she had added more features and Jesse couldn’t wait to see what they were.

Hello, Sybil.  You look tired.  I hope you haven’t been staying up too late working on my sleigh.  It is the off season after all.  Why don’t you take a rest while you get the chance?”  Santa looked genuinely concerned at Sybil.

Sybil was very pale and her left arm was shaking as she filled in a purchase order for one of her technicians.  She smiled at Santa.  “I’m fine Santa.  I just had a rough night last night with my son.  He kept me up until three a.m. and I’m quite tired.  I am planning to take a vacation.  I just have a few things to finish first including showing you the improvements I made to your main sleigh.”

Sybil led Jessie and Santa to the corner of the building where Santa’s sleigh sat on a bed of wheels.  She hopped up on the runner and motioned towards the front dash.  I’ve increased the range of your radar system so that if your communications go down with the North Pole you’ll be able to function by yourself.  To prevent this I’ve also improved the communications system.  Not only do the messages bounce off the various satellites at the speed of light but they also are automatically translated into English!”

The sled had been shone until it gleamed but Sybil took her cloth and rubbed a scuff mark off the arm rest.  “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Jessie!  I’ve added  something new for you as well.  You must get thirsty traveling with Santa so I’ve added a drinking fountain for you.  It’s heated so the water will not freeze in the Northern countries and it’s chilled in the Southern climes.  To activate it you just push it with your nose.”  Sybil demonstrated the fountain for Jessie.

Jessie wagged her tail, and pressed the lever with her nose.  Warm water filled a small trough in the back of the sleigh.  She lapped up the water and then licked Sybil on the face.

“I think she likes it Sybil, and I’m certainly impressed with the new additions to the sled.  But they could have waited.  I’m concerned for you.”  Santa reached out to grab Sybil’s arm as she staggered slightly moving away from the sleigh.  She tottered for a moment and then fell on the cement hitting her head on the hard surface.  She lay unconscious on the floor.

Jessie whined. If something happened to Sybil, Jessie thought, who would take care of the sleigh.

Santa extracted his cell phone and called the ambulance.  “They said they’d be here soon Jessie.  My magic tells me she will be okay.  Maybe though the medical professionals  can help us to convince Sybil to take it easy for a little while.”

The paramedics were at the shop quickly.  They bundled Sybil up onto a gurney and put her in a waiting ambulance.

“Jessie, I’m going with Sybil.  Sybil’s technician Climey is going to take you home.  I’ve already called Molly and she knows you are coming.  Don’t wait up girl.  It’s late and I may have to stay at the hospital all night.  I’ll let you know how Sybil is in the morning.”

Santa patted the dogs head and then jumped in the back of the ambulance.  The doors closed quickly and the vehicle quickly sped off into the distance.

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