Jan. 28th – Jessie meets Charlie the cat

The intruder raced around Jessie’s tail, and into Molly’s sewing room.  Jessie ran behind the intruder at full speed. She barked as loud as she could to get Molly and Santa’s attention.

It tore up the curtains and used its long nails to shred lines into Molly’s freshly pressed curtains. Jessie sat below staring at the devastation.

Santa had come home earlier in the  morning with a tiny kitten in his pocket. He had rescued it from a ravine in Chicago where he was doing business. When the animal came into the house, Jessie instinctively hated it. Molly loved it.  She stroked the animal’s fur, and gave it chicken off of the table. Jessie waited patiently for some chicken too, and eventually barked at Molly to get her attention.

“Sorry Jessie. Have a piece of chicken. I didn’t mean to forget about you. Just this kitten is so darling. Why we could fit 20 of him into you. I think we’ll call him Charlie. What do you think?” Molly asked.

Jessie cringed. She did not like cats. She never had liked them, but Molly seemed to love the little animal. Jessie decided she would try to get along with Charlie. Jessie barked, and licked the cat on the head. The cat turned, and slashed her nails across Jessie’s leg. Fortunately, the cat was tiny, and the nails did no harm.

“Now Charlie, Jessie is our friend. You mustn’t be doing that. Why don’t the pair of you go and amuse yourself while I do the dishes. Then, we’ll all sit by the fire, and listen to some Beethoven.” Molly plopped Charlie onto the floor, and sloshed the suds around in the sink.

The cat shook its ears, and then began exploring the room. It looked into every nook before jumping up onto Molly’s prized fish bowl.

Jessie whined to get Molly’s attention, but she was humming to herself, and did not hear her. Jessie tried barking, but Molly just called from the kitchen “Play nice Jessie. I’ll be back soon.”

The cat now had its paws deep in the fish tank trying to claw at the golden fish. It batted one on the side, but the fish maneuvered away. Charlie almost fell into the bowl, but adjusted his position to try again.

Jessie couldn’t allow Charlie to eat the fish. After all, they were descendants of the fish that Molly raised as a child. Jessie hurried over to the fish tank, and batted the cat off of the bowl. The cat landed on all fours on the floor. A deep meow came from the depths of the animal’s throat. It hissed at Jessie, and ran in circles around the room.

Then, without warning, it ran into the sewing room. It slashed at the sheer curtains on the window, and ran up to the top of the fabric.  It pulled the curtains to shreds.
Jessie sat, and watched. She didn’t know what to do. If she barked then Molly would think that she had chased the animal up the window. If she didn’t bark then Charlie would destroy Molly’s things. Jessie decided that she needed to warn Molly, and was going to bark when Santa came in the room.

Santa looked at the situation, and grimaced. “Molly, come look what the cat did to your curtains.”
Molly came into the room, and shrieked. “My curtains, how could a creature that small do so much damage. Jessie, you were supposed to be watching him.“ Molly looked at the dog, and waited.

Jessie’s ear went down, and she slid to the ground.

Santa came to her rescue. “Molly, if Jessie had barked you would have thought she chased Charlie up the curtains, but we both know that’s not true. Besides. I suspect she already helped you. There is water all around your fish bowl, but all of your fish are still there. I think Jessie must have chased the cat off of the bowl before the cat could do any damage.” Chris stroked Jessie’s head.

Molly sighed. “It looks like we have two handfuls now. I’ll put the bowl up on the baker’s rack, and I’ll have to fix the curtains. Thank-you, Jessie. I’m sorry I accused you.” Molly leaned down, and pulled the dog’s face up so Jessie was looking at her. “You’re a good dog Jessie. Will you help me train Charlie?”

Jessie wagged the tip of her tail, and barked. She’d try her best but she had a sinking feeling that training Charlie was going to get her in trouble.

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