January 30th – Jessie finds a bone

Jessie’s mouth watered. She was looking at the biggest bone she had ever seen. It didn’t smell like a bone, but Jessie definitely knew what a bone looked like, and this one was going to be hers.

The bone was buried in the ground, and Jessie wondered why someone would have buried such a beautiful bone. It didn’t matter to her why it was there. The only thing that mattered was uncovering the bone and taking it to the Claus house.

Jessie dug with her claws around the bone until it was fully exposed, and then bit into it. She whined in pain. The bone was very, very hard.

Jessie sat on the ground, put her head between her paws, and looked at the bone. She wondered if she took it home, and got it out of the cold if it would soften up. Jessie sat and thought for a long time.  Then she very gently put her mouth around the thinnest part of the bone, and carefully pulled. She tugged and pulled until the bone came out of the ground with a plop.  Jessie started to walk home with her tail wagging.

The bone was heavy, and she dragged it with her.  It took Jessie a long time to get the bone home. When she reached the house door she tried to go through her doggie door.  The bone wedged itself against the outside of the door as Jessie tried to enter.

Jessie sat on her haunches. If the bone wouldn’t fit through her door, she thought, then maybe it would fit through the human door.

Jessie had seen Molly, and Santa open the door by turning the handle hundreds of time. She couldn’t use her paws but her teeth had never failed her before. Jessie put her strong jaws around the door handle.  She gently turned it to the right. Her mouth slipped the first time but after two attempts the door started to slide inwards.

Jessie yipped excitedly, and then leaned her body against the door to push it all the way open. She picked up the bone, and dragged it into the house leaving the door ajar.

Now all Jessie had to do was wait. Once it got warm she thought that it would be softer. Jessie salivated at the thought of gnawing on the crunchy exterior. She could almost feel the taste in her mouth now. She sat down in front of the bone staring at it and waited.

Jessie was still staring at the bone when Santa came in the room. “Jessie, where did you get that mammoth bone? It’s certainly a beauty. The museum will love it I’m sure. “

Santa bent down, and picked up the bone to examine it. Jessie whined, and placed her paw over the thick end resting on the floor.

Santa scratched his head, and then looked at the dog. “Jessie, this bone has turned to stone. You didn’t think that you could eat it did you?”

Jessie’s ears went down. She slumped to the floor, and sighed.

Santa smiled. “I’ll make a deal with you, Jessie. If you give me your Mammoth bone for the museum then I’ll buy you the biggest bone I can find when we go to the market today. Do we have a deal girl?”

Jessie barked, and wagged her tail.  She wasn’t sure what a mammoth bone was but it certainly was very hard and the bones from the market were tasty.   Maybe she could go back tomorrow, and find another mammoth bone. It seemed to make Santa happy, and if she could have more bones from the market then she’d be happy too!

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