Jan. 7th – Jessie goes to the United Nations

Jessie stayed awake late into the night wondering what she could do to help Christmas. She paced back and forth in front of the fire until she was so tired that she could no longer keep her eyes open. Jessie fell into a deep sleep. Somewhere in the back of her mind  an idea formed. When she awoke she was excited and ran to find Santa.

Santa was sitting at the breakfast table eating a plate of pancakes and maple syrup. When Jessie found him she yipped at his shoes and poked his jeans with her nose.

Santa took a slip of bacon off of the table and offered it to her without taking his eyes off of the table. Jessie quickly ate the bacon and then prodded Santa again with her nose. When he didn’t pay any attention to her she say on her haunches and stared at him with woeful eyes. She kept staring until Santa noticed her looking at him. He put down the paper and glanced at her with a confused look. “What’s up girl? Do you have a stomach ache from the bacon?”

Jessie yipped and then ran to the door. When Santa did not come follow she ran back and gently put his wrist in her mouth. She gently him across the room.

Santa chuckled. “Well Molly, it looks like Jessie has an outing planned for me today. I have no idea where we’re going, but we’ll be back for dinner.” He kissed her on the cheek, grabbed a jacket from the tree stand and followed the dog out of the house.  They went across the town to the reindeer sled where the reindeer were practicing their maneuvers.

Santa looked at Jessie puzzled. “What is it girl? Do you want to see the reindeer?”

Jessie barked and then jumped in the back of the sled. She then pulled the arm of Santa’s coat. Okay. I get it. We’re going for a ride. But where? The reindeer will be able to understand where you want to go, but wouldn’t you rather go fishing, or play with Angel?”

Jessie barked and the reindeer looked back at him. Cupid grunted and the group took off from the ground and in a perfect arc took off into the light of the day. With reindeer magic, it only took them a couple of minutes before Santa found that he was on top of the United Nation’s building in New York City.

Santa looked down at Jessie and sighed. He did not know what the dog wanted, but he knew her well enough to know she was determined enough to make him stay all day until he went where she wanted him to go. He jumped off the sled. “Make sure you aren’t seen girls.”

Jessie grabbed Santa’ arm and pulled him down a set of stairs that led into the building. They walked out into a hall and then through a series of halls to a big theatre where the representations of the members of the United Nations were in session. When Santa walked in unannounced there was a general murmur in the crowd and then the speaker of the council stood up and addressed Santa.

“If I’m not mistaken you are Santa Claus, are you not?”

“Yes, I’m Christopher Claus. “

“What have you come to speak to us about today Mr. Claus? Our time is limited, and if it had been anyone else I would have sent them away. You must have some reason to be so far away from your facilities.”

“My dog Jessie brought me and a good idea it was too. It seems that she wants me to talk to you about a problem that is plaguing us at the poles. It’s a problem that is affecting others as well. Climate change. It’s affecting our ability to ship our goods in a timely manner and consequently our ability to provide Christmas to the children of the world. I’m doing my best to find a solution from my end, but I’d like to know what plans you have in place to stop the erosion of our environment.”

Santa patted Jessie on her head and then crossed his arms. His hat slipped down over one eye and he moved to adjust it. He stood waiting to hear what the speaker had to say.

“We were unaware that the problem was affecting your operations. Be assured that we are working on the problem. The member nations are all putting plans in place to cut back on emissions soon.   You do not need to worry about factors beyond your control. Go back to your toys, toymaker.” The speaker adjusted his microphone and cleared his throat. “Was there something else we can do for you Santa?”

Santa’s face was as red as the sweater he was wearing. He stammered, “So in other words you can’t assure me that something will be done soon.”

“The problem is being worked on and we will provide a solution.” The speaker then waved his hand to dismiss Chris.

“In other words, I’ll need to continue to employ my own scientists. Good day, gentleman. I hope that I will be able to provide a Christmas to all of your children for many years to come. But, that may depend upon whether you truly deal with the problem or not. Jessie, come. We’ve said what we had to say. There is nothing left to do here.”

Santa strode out of the room and back to the sled fuming. He looked at the dog and then realized she was cowering behind him. “I’m not angry with you Jessie. It was a brilliant idea to come here. I should have done it before.”

Santa stroked Jessie’s fur, and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry girl. The magic of Christmas is strong. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I don’t intend to let Christmas die. You look tired. Let’s go home, and have a nap. I think better in my dreams.”