February 9th – Jessie meets a firefly

Jessie crossed her eyes and stared down towards the ground. The glowing ember sitting on the very tip of her nose pulsated with light.  Its wings lightly buzzed as  Jessie growled and then swiped at her nose with her paw.

The insect flew up into the night sky for a few moments before coming to rest on Jessie’s tail.

Jessie turned and looked at her back end. She snapped at the tip of her tail but the insect did not move. She then turned around trying to get the insect to fly off and away from her.

Image taken by Mike Lewinski (website)

The insect flew off into a nearby cedar hedge and rested on the very tip of a branch.

Jessie sighed and flopped down on the ground beside the campfire. The warmth on her face felt nice and she soon found herself dozing off to the crackle of the fire’s flames and Santa’s and Molly’s voices.

Jessie was soon snoring. She went into a deep sleep and her snores became so loud that she woke herself up.

Jessie stretched and stood up. She wagged her tail at Santa and moved to walk over to his chair. She looked up and noticed that the insect was back and was now on her ear. Jessie barked and moved her foot to rub the insect off  The insect would not leave her alone. It kept buzzing around her head.

When Jessie barked Santa looked to see why she was upset. He watched as the firefly danced around Jessie’s nose. As he watched, several others joined the dance.  It looked like there was a net of lights encircling Jessie’s body.

The insects were driving Jessie crazy. It didn’t matter which direction she turned the lights continued to follow her. Frustrated, Jessie snapped at the nearest firefly barely missing it.

Santa called the dog. “Jessie, stop. Those are fireflies. They are very special insects. Whatever you do, please do not kill them.”

Jessie lowered her ears and walked over to Santa with her tail between her legs. She sat at Santa’s feet with the fireflies buzzing around her head.

“Fireflies are night fairies. They give blessings to deserving souls. When they land on you, they are granting their blessings for the future. I’ve never seen so many congregate at once. You must be very special. But Molly and I knew that already.” Santa smiled and rubbed the dogs head. A firefly came to land on his hand and Santa raised it to his face.

“Well thank you little firefly. I wish you blessings as well and thank-you for the gift you have bestowed on Jessie.”

It seemed that the firefly understood Santa. It flew in front of his face for a moment and then rose up and buzzed Jessie’s head before flying off into the night sky. It disappeared into the cedars. The remaining fireflies rose up in a bright cloud and followed the other firefly off into the night.

Jessie wagged her tail and looked at Santa curiously.

“There are amazing things in the world Jessie and not all of them are what they appear to be. It’s best to be open to new experiences and making new friends. Tonight you made a bunch of new friends. I know they didn’t speak, but I’ve never seen so many together at one time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them again. Now, let’s gather by the fire, warm up, and have a hot dog. “

Jessie licked her lips and panted. She moved forward to the edge of the campsite and looked into the cedars.

There were hundreds of fireflies surrounding the camp. Jessie thought that Santa and Molly must be part of the reason the fireflies had accepted her. After all, Santa and Molly created the magic of Christmas for hundreds of children. Maybe, the fireflies were granting their blessings for all of them. In the future, she would have to think twice about batting at insects. Maybe, other types of insects could be friends too.

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