Jessie attends a Yoga session

Jessie’s ears went up as she watched Santa and Molly face downward towards the floor. Their legs stretched out behind them. Molly was more successful than Santa who couldn’t reach over his big belly to actually touch the floor.

Matilda, the yoga instructor, rolled to her side and had them try another pose. Molly recreated the position with no problem but Santa huffed and puffed as he tried. He tried hard but he couldn’t touch his foot with his hand.

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Jessie stood up and trotted over to Santa. She leaned against Santa’s arms and began to rub her forehead against his stomach.

Santa exhaled, and began to rub the dog’s ears. He whispered to her, “you’re my hero Jessie. If I have to do one more Downward Dog I’m going to pass out.”

Jessie licked Santa on the nose and sat with her paws resting on Santa’s legs. She yawned and watched Molly stretch upwards towards the sky.

Matilda hadn’t noticed her missing pupil until she turned and saw Santa spread out on the yoga mat. She frowned. “Now, Santa. You must keep up with your goals to complete this class. Molly is worried about your stress levels and yoga is an excellent solution to help you calm down. Now, let’s continue with some floor exercises.”

Matilda turned back to the mirror oblivious to the fact that Jessie was still sitting on Santa’s legs.

Santa gently nudged the dog to get her to move but she refused to leave. She put her head down on Santa’s knee and began to lick her paw.

Santa grinned. “I guess Jessie thinks this is more relaxing, Matilda. I’m afraid I have to agree. You and Molly continue with the class and I’ll relax with my best friend. Right, Jessie?”

Jessie did not answer. She was snoring softly in Santa’s lap.

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