February 12th – Jessie meets a live snowman

As she turned the corner the beast jumped towards her. Its icy body rose high above her and its sprawling hands tangled with her leash. Jessie leapt, barked and pushed Molly into a snowbank. She continued to bark but the monstrosity did not move. It just stood there taunting her from behind its dark sunglasses.

By KingToBi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons
Santa laughed gently and then reassuringly patted the dog’s head. “Jessie, it’s just a snowman. Family day is coming up and the children of the village compete to see who can create the best ice creature. He’s not alive; he’s made of snow. Come closer and take a look.”

Jessie hesitantly moved closer and sniffed around the base of the snow creature. When it did not move, she moved closer until she was actually sniffing the body. Jessie knew all the children of the village and she could smell that Tobias, Jerod and Cassie had built the beast. She wagged her tail and promptly urinated near the base of the figure.

Molly and Santa laughed. Santa moved forward to cover the yellow patch with fresh snow. “I see you don’t approve, Jessie. I can’t blame you. There’s always been something about the sole-less eyes of snowmen that I don’t like. The figures last for a few days and then melt in the sun. I find it sad.” Santa rubbed his chin and looked at the figure before him. He tapped the side of his nose and winked his left eye.

Jessie watched as Santa touched the snowman with his hand and held onto its shoulder until the snowman started to move. She jumped back once again and growled.

“Jessie, it’s okay. I used my Christmas magic to show you that you have nothing to be afraid of. Snow is heavy and makes it hard for the poor creature to move. The snowman is not graceful and the children gave it no eyes so it cannot see. Watch how he moves.”

Jessie watched as the snowman inched its way forward. It moved very slowly and reached out in front of its face clenching and unclenching its twig hands trying to feel its way forward. It inched its way into a snowbank and then its head toppled over onto the snowbank where it moved back and forth.

Santa raised his hand and lowered it onto the Snowman’s head. It ceased to move. Santa moved the snow pieces back to their original positions and put the sunglasses back onto it’s face. He gave the snowman a little pat and then looked at the dog.

Jessie moved her ears and stared at the creature. She moved forward and sniffed it again. When it did not move she looked at Santa with a curious look on her face.

I performed Christmas magic for you Jessie because I didn’t want you to be afraid on Family day. That’s when the snowman contest occurs. There will be hundreds of snowmen throughout the village and if you bark at every snow creation you’ll make yourself sick. I know you’ve had reasons to be afraid in the past, but as long as you are in Molly and my care you are safe.

Santa picked up the dog’s leash. “Come on, Jessie. Let’s go home.” Santa grabbed Molly’s hand and the three walked away together while Jessie thought over the encounter. She was surprised that Santa would perform Christmas magic for her. But then Santa was the kindest man she knew and if he said there was nothing to be worried about then he was always right. Besides, she kind of liked sniffing the snowman. It was like an early broadcast system of who was around and she would know who won the contest before anyone else. Perhaps she should build her own snow dog and enter it into the contest. Then it would smell like her. She tentatively rolled some snow into a ball and then dropped it. It seemed like too much work and it was time for a nap. Humans, thought Jessie, were strange creatures. They spent much of their time in useless pursuits when they could be eating or sleeping. With that thought Jessie trotted to the Claus house and lied down in front of the fire for a nap.

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