February 13 – Jessie pops bubbles.

The bells on the door jangled as Santa and Jessie entered the building. They were followed by ten elves with carts ready to pick up Santa’s mail.

“Good morning, Petey.” Santa smiled and shook the postmaster’s hand. “I understand the children’s letters have begun trickling in again. How many bags do we have today? Enough to keep my friends busy.” He pointed to the elves who were standing in the corner eating ribbon candy and waiting for Petey to produce Santa’s mail.

“It seems the children write earlier and earlier each year,” said Petey. He sniffed and glared at a small elf who had bumped into the counter and nearly knocked off a display of stamps. “You’ll need more than these ten to take the mail with you. I have a whole truck full out back. Why, don’t you drive the truck down to your sorting house and bring it back. As long as I have it back for noon, I should be able to get the mail out.”

While Santa and Petey discussed the movement of the HOHOHO mail, Jessie explored the post office. She had been in the store many times before but had never had the chance to look around. Today, Jessie also smelt roast beef. Somewhere in the shop was a sandwich and she was going to find it.

Jessie sniffed the air. Her excellent sense of smell told her that the sandwich was in the back room. Jessie looked behind her to make sure Petey was occupied and then snuck into the sorting room. She slid her nose across the floor and followed the scent in a zig zagged fashion. The scent led to a sorting bench. Jessie could see on the bench her coveted meal. She quickly hopped up on two feet and rested her front paws on the table. She reached out and grabbed the sandwich devouring it in two gulps. Jessie licked her lips and jumped down from the table. She happily moved to return to the front room when she stepped on some clear plastic wrapping. Only, the wrapping had bubbles in it and when her long nails punctured the bubbles it made the most intriguing sound. Jessie raised one paw and then pressed it down on the wrapping. The wrapping made a delightful noise.

Jessie wagged her tail and pulled more of the wrapping onto the floor. She dropped her right paw again and again on the wrapping just to hear the sound. Eventually, Jessie ran out of bubbles and she looked up to see if she could find any more wrapping. When she looked up she was startled to see that Santa was standing in the door grinning at her.

“So, Jessie. You like bubble wrap. I can’t say I blame you. I like the noise myself. There is something satisfying about popping each individual bubble. “ Santa moved forward, picked up the roll of plastic and glanced at it. “You did a thorough job. I see only two bubbles you missed.” Santa promptly popped the bubbles and shifted his gaze to Petey.

Petey was not amused. He was scowling at Jessie . Jessie put her ears down and skulked over to Santa’s side.”

“Now, Petey. You have to admit it is fun and I’ll pay for the roll of wrapping of course. Try not to take it so seriously. “

Petey grunted and picked up his empty plate from the table. He sighed. “You’re right, Santa. It is kind of amusing. I don’t suppose Molly could send me some lunch could she? Jessie ate my sandwich. I don’t even think she left me a crumb. “ He showed the plate to Santa and continued. “If Molly will make me lunch when Jessie comes to visit then I’ll provide a roll of bubble wrap for her to puncture. Do we have a deal?”

“Deal!” Santa grasped Petey’s hand and shook it hard. He leaned down and petted the dog’s head. “ I think we’d better leave before Jessie gets into any more mischief. I’ll have one of the elves bring by your lunch when they return the truck. Santa exited the door with Jessie’s lead in his hand. The pair exited each happy for different reasons. Santa happy because he had made his friend happy and Jessie happy because her tummy was full, she’d played and because Santa said she could visit again.


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