February 15th – Jessie versus Charlie

Jessie had been waiting for Molly to come home for what seemed to be hours . Her tummy was rumbly and she wanted her breakfast.

Jessie walked behind the couch and peered around the corner. Charlie was sleeping on the dining room table and Jessie didn’t want to wake him. Her food dish was directly below the table where Charlie slept.

Jessie sat on the floor with her head between her paws and tried to think. How was she going to get the food?   Her jangly tags always woke Charlie when she walked past and Jessie definitely didn’t want to wake the cat. The last time she woke Charlie the cat landed on her back and rode around the living room while Jessie frantically tried to throw her off. The pair ended up breaking Molly’s favourite lamp and Molly had been less than pleased.

By Chris Yarzab (Flickr: Odd Eyed Black Cat) [CC By 2.0 (http://creative commons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]
Jessie slowly rose. Maybe if she tried to be very quiet she could push her food dish closer to the couch. Jessie put one foot down in front of her and moved like a snail. It took her a long time to reach the food dish but her tags did not ring. Jessie leaned down and silently pushed her dish towards the end of the couch where she could eat in peace. All the way across the living room Jessie held her breath. Finally, Jessie reached the couch and she looked behind her. Charlie was still sleeping peacefully.

Jessie sat on her feet and began chomping on the kibble. She had eaten half of the bowl when she felt them. She stood up abruptly and turned her head to look at her back. Charlie was standing there digging her nails into Jessie’s skin.

Jessie barked and ran around in circles trying to throw off the cat. She snapped at the cats tail but it avoided her teeth and snarled at her. Jessie bumped the couch and knocked off several books. They made a resounding bang but the cat ignored the noise and continued to hold onto Jessie’s back.

Just then the door opened and Molly came into the room. She shrieked when she saw the pair fighting. “Charlie, Jessie, stop it.” The cat quickly jumped down and hopped into his bed. He turned his back on the pair and pretended to be asleep.

Jessie lowered her eyes and softly walked up to Molly. She licked her hand and nuzzled her leg.

Molly looked down at Jessie with sad eyes and closed the door. “I’m sorry that Charlie is so mean to you Jessie. I’ve been watching the pair of you and I know that he swats at you every time you go by. I think it’s time for me to admit I’ve made a mistake. I think I’ll have to find Charlie another home. I know a family in town that will take him.” A tear rolled down Molly’s cheek.

Jessie put her head in Molly’s lap and looked at her with sad eyes. She didn’t like Charlie but she didn’t want Molly to be sad.

“It’s okay, Jessie.  I think it’s the best for everyone. It’s certainly better for you and we love you too much to let Charlie attack you every time were not looking. He’ll have a good home and he’ll have a house to himself. I think he needs that.”

Molly picked up her coat and packages and went into the kitchen where Jessie could hear her talking on the phone.

Jessie had to admit she was relieved that Charlie was leaving but at the same time she felt bad that she couldn’t get along with the cat. She hoped that Charlie found a home where he could be happy. Jessie certainly had found a happy home and everyone deserves a loving family.

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