February 18th – Jessie and Santa hide from Molly

Santa jumped off the treadmill and wiped his brow with his towel. He leaned down and petted Jessie’s head. “I think that’s enough exercise for today Jessie. How about we go across the road and get a treat. Just don’t tell Molly.”

Jessie pounded her tail against the floor and eagerly waited while Santa clipped her lead onto her collar. As he leaned down she licked him across the face.

‘Yuck! I’m glad you’re happy, Jessie. Just don’t lick me. Let’s go. I think today is a good day for a doughnut.”

Santa and Jessie trotted across the road jostling around several snowmobiles and almost knocking over a cross country skier. They approached the front door of the doughnut shop when Santa froze.

Jessie looked up to see why Santa had stopped. She followed his gaze into the building and saw Molly sitting at the table with her sister. Jessie whined and tried to pull Santa into the building to go see Molly but Santa held on tight. “No, Jessie. Molly wants me to lose some weight. If she sees me at the doughnut store she’ll be angry. Let’s go home.”

Jessie’s ears went down and she sighed. She looked at the donuts in the case just inside the door and looked at Santa. She refused to budge from where she was sitting.”

“Jessie, let’s go. I’ll buy you a doughnut tomorrow,” said Santa.

Jessie plopped down on the ground and put her head on her paws. She stared at the treats in the window.

Santa moved towards the wall so that he was out of Molly’s sight.   He looked at the dog and rubbed his chin. His face brightened and he looked around the corner. There was no one in the drive through. “Jessie, let’s go and see if we can order some food to go. “

Jessie’s ears perked up. She quickly stood up and pulled Santa towards the takeout window.

“I think we’ve been coming here to much, Jessie. You seem to know where you’re going. Wait! We have to order first.” Santa stopped at the speaker and waited. A tinny voice come on the speaker. “How can I help you.”
Santa cleared his throat. “We’d like a plain doughnut and a dozen chocolate glazed donuts.”

“That’ll be $9.00,” said the voice in the window.

“Come on, Jessie. Let’s go get our treats!”

Santa and Jessie walked up to the window. Santa paid for the treats and balanced the boxes on his hip as they walked over to a patio table. Santa cleared off some of the snow and plopped the boxes down. He broke the plain doughnut into pieces and gave Jessie half. “There you go, girl. Enough until we get home, Ok.”

Jessie thumped her tail furiously and began pulling Santa towards the Claus house. She abruptly turned around and headed to the shop door.

“No, Jessie!” Santa skidded to a stop. Molly was staring at him from the door.

“Christopher Cringle. What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be exercising?” Molly looked at Santa with a curious look on her face.

“Aw, Molly. Jessie and I have been at that gym every day for a week. We needed a treat.” Santa tried to hide the box behind his back.

“Yes, but so many?” Molly arched her neck to see what he was carrying.

“Uh…” Santa stammered.

Molly chuckled and then grabbed Santa’s face. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “It’s okay, Chris. I love you and Jessie the way you are. I’m just worried that you’ll be sick. As long as you’re trying it’s all I can ask. Now, let’s go home. I think I could use one of those doughnuts too.”

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