Jessies Favorite Top ten list

Trudy Talow asked Santa to tell her some of Jessie’s favorite things.  This is the top ten items from the list he gave her.

Jessie with her favorite blanket.


  1. Sugar Cookies – With or without sprinkles.  She is particularly fond of them with eggnog.
  2. Riding in the sleigh with Santa.   She likes to have her eats blow in the wind as the reindeer travel faster and faster.
  3. Running with the dog sled team.  Jessie has been practicing with the sled team and has become an official back up for the team in case of emergency.
  4. Her blanket.  She’s been known to drag her blanket away and hide it when other dogs visit.
  5. Walks down main street with Molly and Santa.  Jessie likes to visit with her friends and adores getting petted by people as they pass by.  She stops every walk to visit with Cuddles the poodle down the street and play squeaky ball.
  6. Molly’s singing voice.  Molly likes to sing Christmas carols in the house.  Jessie likes to listen to her sing and will come from anywhere in the house to hear her.
  7. Having her coat brushed.
  8. Visiting the animal hospital with Santa.  Jessie likes to cheer up sick patients.
  9. The pillows on Molly’s couch.  Molly is constantly shooing her off of them.
  10. Chasing cats.  The last cat she encountered she chased up the main Christmas tree in the village.

Interview with Santa (Part 3)

Jessie loved Trudy’s peanut butter cookies.  She missed some questions Trudy asked Santa while she begged for another cookie.  But now that she has a full tummy she is ready to listen to some more of the interview.

Trudy:  What is your favorite symbol of Christmas?

Santa Claus: The plant the Poinsettia.  It reminds me of my childhpointsettiaood.  My mother would always take us to a candle lit poinsettia greenhouse in November.  She would let each oneof us pick a colored poinsettia to take home.  We’d get hot chocolate and go sledding afterwards.  It is one of my fondest memories.

Trudy: What is your full name?

Santa Claus:  Christopher Colin Claus  – Christopher is my great grandfather’s name and Colin is my father’s name.  I changed my last name to Claus when I was offered the position of Santa Claus.

Trudy:  What’s it like to fly in the sky with reindeer?

Santa Claus: It’s thrilling.  The sled swoops from side to side and travels at extremely fast speeds.  It’s a bit like traveling on a roller coaster.  The first couple of years I delivered the toys I was sick to my stomach when I returned to the Claus house.  I had a bad case of motion sickness but ever since my stomach has settled and I like to ride with the reindeer as much as I can.

Trudy: There is a rumor in our classroom that you and Jessie ran in a marathon and won.  Is this true?

Santa Claus:Yes, it was the last Santa’s fun run.  Jessie ran before me urging me on.  We won easily and donated our winnings to the local animal shelter.  I couldn’t have won that race if Jessie hadn’t been there,

Trudy:  What is Jessie’s worst quality?

Santa Claus: She snores like a banshee.  In the middle of the night you can hear her throughout the Claus house.  Some nights she’s so loud she actually wakes Molly.

Interview with Santa Claus (Part 2)

Jessie thinks that Trudy Tollow ‘s interview of Santa Claus is just getting interesting.  She produced peanut butter cookies and milk for a snack as they talk about Santa’s life.  Jessie gracefully accepted her cookie and sat to listen to Trudy’s latest questions.

Trudy:  What is your favorite time of year?

Santa Claus: Boxing Day.  I’ve completed my mission and can just feel the warmth and happiness of produced from the children of the world.  It’s also the day we have a huge party at the North Pole to celebrate another successful year.  Everyone sings, laughs, and feasts. It’s good fun.

Trudy: What’s your favorite toy?

Santa Claus:  Motorized trains. I know they are old fashioned but they remind me of a much simper time when children didn’t have all the pressures piled onto them as they have today. A train also happened to be my first toy.  I still have it boxed up in the Claus house.  Every time I look at it I remember the joy on my father’s face as we played with it on Christmas morning.

Trudy:  How did you meet Mrs. Claus?

Santa Claus: Molly and I met at a Christmas convention.  Her parents were in the novelty toiletry business and I was scouting out new products.  I was drawn to her sparkling eyes and good humor.  Molly and I have been together ever since.

Trudy:What type of duties does Jessie have?

Santa Claus:Jessie travels with me constantly as my companion and as a good will ambassador.  She traveled with me on my sleigh at Christmas.  It was nice to have company on my long trip.

Trudy:  What is Jessie’s greatest quality?

Santa Claus:  Her uncompromising love.  No matter how bad a day Mally or I are having Jessie loves us anyway.   She has the biggest heart I know.