Interview with Santa Claus (Part 1)

Trudy Tollow of  Tiny Tot’s public school has been given an assignment to interview a prominent public figure.  She was lucky enough to convince Santa Claus to sit down and talk to her.  This week contains a series of questions answered by Santa Claus

Jessie, Santa’s trusted companion, accompanied Santa on his trip to talk to Trudy.  This is the interview as heard through her ears.

Trudy:  How long have you been Santa Claus?

Santa Claus: Almost 100 years.  I took over the company after the previous Santa fell asleep over the Rocky Mountains.  His wife felt he wasn’t able to continue on with the job.

Trudy: What’s your favorite part about being Santa?

Santa Claus:  Seeing the children’s faces when they play with our wares.  I see fewer and fewer children playing these days but I always make a point of checking in with one or two children to see if they liked their toys.

Trudy:  Why is it important for Santa to give presents at Christmas?

Santa Claus: It teaches children the gift of generosity and giving.  As long as the spirit of  Santa lives  there is a hope for mankind to learn to be generous and solve the world’s problems.

Trudy:Why did you chose Jessie as a companion?

Santa Claus: Jessie was a kind and caring animal to her previous friend.  She needed a home when her friend died and I can always use more friends.  She’s grown to be family to Molly and me.

Trudy:  But, Jessie gets into trouble quite a lot.  Doesn’t it make you angry?

Santa Claus:  Jessie has her own personality.  She doesn’t mean to get into trouble it just happens sometimes.  You don’t give up on someone and stop loving them because they make mistakes.  You hang on and love them even more and try to help them.  Just like your mom and dad love you when you make mistakes.

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