Interview with Santa Claus (Part 2)

Jessie thinks that Trudy Tollow ‘s interview of Santa Claus is just getting interesting.  She produced peanut butter cookies and milk for a snack as they talk about Santa’s life.  Jessie gracefully accepted her cookie and sat to listen to Trudy’s latest questions.

Trudy:  What is your favorite time of year?

Santa Claus: Boxing Day.  I’ve completed my mission and can just feel the warmth and happiness of produced from the children of the world.  It’s also the day we have a huge party at the North Pole to celebrate another successful year.  Everyone sings, laughs, and feasts. It’s good fun.

Trudy: What’s your favorite toy?

Santa Claus:  Motorized trains. I know they are old fashioned but they remind me of a much simper time when children didn’t have all the pressures piled onto them as they have today. A train also happened to be my first toy.  I still have it boxed up in the Claus house.  Every time I look at it I remember the joy on my father’s face as we played with it on Christmas morning.

Trudy:  How did you meet Mrs. Claus?

Santa Claus: Molly and I met at a Christmas convention.  Her parents were in the novelty toiletry business and I was scouting out new products.  I was drawn to her sparkling eyes and good humor.  Molly and I have been together ever since.

Trudy:What type of duties does Jessie have?

Santa Claus:Jessie travels with me constantly as my companion and as a good will ambassador.  She traveled with me on my sleigh at Christmas.  It was nice to have company on my long trip.

Trudy:  What is Jessie’s greatest quality?

Santa Claus:  Her uncompromising love.  No matter how bad a day Mally or I are having Jessie loves us anyway.   She has the biggest heart I know.

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