Interview with Santa (Part 3)

Jessie loved Trudy’s peanut butter cookies.  She missed some questions Trudy asked Santa while she begged for another cookie.  But now that she has a full tummy she is ready to listen to some more of the interview.

Trudy:  What is your favorite symbol of Christmas?

Santa Claus: The plant the Poinsettia.  It reminds me of my childhpointsettiaood.  My mother would always take us to a candle lit poinsettia greenhouse in November.  She would let each oneof us pick a colored poinsettia to take home.  We’d get hot chocolate and go sledding afterwards.  It is one of my fondest memories.

Trudy: What is your full name?

Santa Claus:  Christopher Colin Claus  – Christopher is my great grandfather’s name and Colin is my father’s name.  I changed my last name to Claus when I was offered the position of Santa Claus.

Trudy:  What’s it like to fly in the sky with reindeer?

Santa Claus: It’s thrilling.  The sled swoops from side to side and travels at extremely fast speeds.  It’s a bit like traveling on a roller coaster.  The first couple of years I delivered the toys I was sick to my stomach when I returned to the Claus house.  I had a bad case of motion sickness but ever since my stomach has settled and I like to ride with the reindeer as much as I can.

Trudy: There is a rumor in our classroom that you and Jessie ran in a marathon and won.  Is this true?

Santa Claus:Yes, it was the last Santa’s fun run.  Jessie ran before me urging me on.  We won easily and donated our winnings to the local animal shelter.  I couldn’t have won that race if Jessie hadn’t been there,

Trudy:  What is Jessie’s worst quality?

Santa Claus: She snores like a banshee.  In the middle of the night you can hear her throughout the Claus house.  Some nights she’s so loud she actually wakes Molly.

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