Jessie and the ants

HeartCakeJessie stretched and flopped down on the floor beside the patio table.  She had just returned from a jaunt with Santa and Molly around Molly’s mother’s garden.  Molly’s mother owned her own seed and bulb company.  She liked to test the newest and most beautiful flowers in her back yard and Jessie had enjoyed sniffing the fragrant hyacinths, while Molly picked parrot tulips and removed the odd dandelion from the garden beds.

Molly and Santa had come to visit Molly’s mother and father on their 60th wedding anniversary.  Her parents hadn’t wanted a large party, but Molly had wanted to do something special and had planned a grand dinner for her family.  She had risen early that morning and baked a feast.  They had all enjoyed the food at lunch but before dessert could be served Molly suggested that everyone go for a walk in the garden. Continue reading Jessie and the ants