July 1st – Jessie celebrates Canada Day

Jessie wondered why anyone would one want to eat beaver tails. She thought the rodents were small, and stinky, and very wet. So, when Santa  asked her if she wanted a beaver tail she was perplexed. She trusted Santa. But, the beavers had done nothing to her so she didn’t know why she would be eating their tails. Still she yipped yes, and sat and waited for Santa to return.

Jessie, Santa, and Molly were at the Canada day celebrations in Ottawa. Molly had told Jessie all about the events they would see today, and had made Jessie special ear muffs so when the fireworks went off she could enjoy them, and not hurt her ears.

Jessie was curious to see all the sights, and sounds. So far she had seen all kinds of fascinating buskers, watched a puppet show, listened to Canadian musicians, and watched a soap box derby race.

When the race was over, her tummy had rumbled, and Santa had asked her if she could eat a beaver tail. So, now Jessie was waiting in the middle of the crowds who were dressed in red and white maple leaf flags. Above the crowd she finally noticed Santa’s head, and saw that he didn’t have meat. Instead he had a fried donut in the shape of a beaver’s tail.

“I hope you like donuts Jessie. Beaver tails are my favourite fried food.” Santa smiled, and handed the cinnamon coated treat over to the dog. She took one sniff of the confection, and gulped it down. She liked her lips, and barked in appreciation.

Molly laughed. “At this rate Jessie, you’re going to weigh as much as a truck. I’m glad you enjoyed your treat though. Come here please. I’m going to put your earmuffs on now. The fireworks are about to begin, and we don’t want to damage your hearing.

Molly leaned down with a pair of red and white muffs, and placed them delicately over Jessie’s ears. She cocked her head, and then adjusted them to one side before sitting down on her lawn chair. Jessie sat on her blanket, and looked up. The fireworks were just beginning. They started out slowly with a few streams of glittering, glowing, golden lights speeding across the night sky. Then some other colours mixed in with the gold. More, and more fireworks filled the night sky.

Jessie watched mesmerized. It was so beautiful. The colours merged, and mingled in a brilliant display. Just, when she thought the show was over the night sky lit u p even brighter with lights in the shape of a Canadian flag. The glittering faded in and out to the sound of the national anthem “O, Canada.”

The crowd began to sing “O Canada! Our home and native land!” They sang robustly throughout the anthem, and a huge cheer followed at the end of the song. As the last notes of the anthem filled the night air, the fireworks came to an end.

“So what did you think of Canada Day, Jessie?” Molly smiled, and petted the dog’s fur.

Jessie barked, and turned around in a circle. She was proud to be born Canadian, and proud that Santa chose to run his facilities from the county. She couldn’t think of a nicer day or any place she’d rather be than with Santa, and Molly. She really was a lucky dog.

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