July 16th – Santa and Jack Frost plan for the future.



Jessie sniffed at the tray in front of Jack Frost.  It held a tuna fish sandwich, lime jello, and apple juice.  She moved closer to the tray and pushed it trying to get Jack’s attention but he was busy talking to Santa.  “I didn’t really believe I had pneumonia.  I guess I should thank you for bringing me to the hospital, Santa.  I wouldn’t have come by myself.”

“You’re welcome, Jack.  You don’t need to worry about anything but getting better.  I’ve called a meeting of the guild of magical creatures this evening.  The members will work together to fix the problem with the weather why you are sick. ”  Santa leaned against the table and gently nudged Jessie away from the sandwich.  “We’ll eat tonight, girl.  He needs the food more than you do.”

Jessie backed away, turned in a circle and moved towards the window where the sunlight warmed her fur.  She yawned, stretched and lay down content to wait in the bright sun.

“It would be nice if all we had to worry about was sunbathing,”  said Jack with a frown.  “But, if the weather continues to be hot it could melt the ice.  If I wasn’t sick I could regulate the heat better.”  He sighed and slumped back in his pillow. ” It’s my own fault.  I should have trained someone a long time ago to take over for me but I just couldn’t bring myself to train Crystal.  I don’t think she has the abilities needed to monitor and adjust the weather patterns.  She’s simply too flighty.”

“Don’t worry yourself Jack,” Santa said with a slight smile.  “The guild will work together to cool down the Pole and we’ll see if anyone knows a person with the qualities required to train for your job.   There is one or two young elves that I know who I’d like to test.    After all it is our children who are most affected by the weather.  What a better solution than to have a young one learn your trade.”  Santa placed his hand on his friends arm.  “Jessie and I will leave you to rest now.  Don’t worry. Just rest and feel better.  We’ll come back after the guild meets.”

Santa nudged Jessie awake.  He gave his friend one last smile and then pushed open the door to the hall.  Santa and Jessie left the hospital and climbed in the sleigh on the way to the guild of magic creatures meeting.

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