July 18th – Santa recruits Flora and Klaus

NorthPoleSignJessie sat under the dining room table and licked her front paw.  It was sore from walking on the ice to the Guild of Magical Creatures.  Above, Flora and Klaus had been called in to discuss the possibility of becoming weather magicians.  Santa sat drinking cocoa and discussing his meeting at the Guild.

Flora’s feet were tapping rapidly on the floor and Jessie moved out from under the table to avoid being stomped on.  She saw on the edge of the table a plate of sugar cookies and promptly walked up to Santa.  She pushed his elbow with her nose and he looked down at her with an affectionate smile.  Santa patted her on the head.  He offered the dog a piece of his cookie and then turned back to Flora and Klaus. Continue reading July 18th – Santa recruits Flora and Klaus