July 19th – Santa learns of a crisis at the North Pole


Flora dropped a pile of file folders onto Santa’s table and Klaus put a box beside it.  They scraped the chairs across the floor as they sat down at the table and helped themselves to a plateful of Molly’s ginger cookies.

“We’ve been all about the town, Santa.  It took us all day but we were able to get the information together for you,” Flora slipped a piece of cookie under the table to Jessie who was licking her hand.  “I’m afraid the buildings are melting fast.  We’ve indexed the results in these file folders to show how much melting is going on for each building.  Do you want us to go through the list?”

“No, Flora.  Just an overview please.  I trust you did a good job. I just would like to know how long we have until the buildings are no longer inhabitable,” Santa rubbed his beard and leaned back on his chair.  He noticed Jessie under the table, gave her a cookie and shooed her off to her bed.

“It’s not good news.  The buildings will melt within six months unless we do something.  If the buildings aren’t fixed by Christmas we will have to move.”  Klaus pushed his heavy glasses up his nose and rummaged around in the box.  He pulled out a test tube.  I’ve preserved some of the ice crystals so that you can see the structure for each of the buildings.  I thought it would give you a better idea of the problems we are facing.”

“That’s very inventive of you, Klaus.  I don’t need to see  them I trust you and Flora.  I guess we had better get started then.  We have a lot of work to do and little time.  In order for you to learn the weather magic you will need to know the story of how the Guild of Magical Creatures decided we need weather magicians. Abigail, our historian, is the best person to tell the story.  I was hoping to get her to speak to you next week when she returns from vacation. I’m afraid I’ll have to insist she return home and tell you the story tomorrow.  I will have to ask you to return tomorrow at the same time.  Molly and I will review your data tonight and then once you hear the story tomorrow I’ll take you to see Professor Muddle.  He will assess your magical abilities and what we will need to do to increase them.”

Santa reached for another cookie and glanced at Jessie.  She lay on her bed with her tail pounding and her tongue hanging half out of her mouth.  He laughed and tossed a piece to the dog. He scratched his head and a vacant looked crossed his face.

Jessie sighed.  Santa hadn’t been himself since Jack Frost got sick.  She was worried about him.  He wasn’t eating much and his usual roaring laughter filled the rooms less and less.  She hoped that the story would help the elves to save the North Pole.  She pulled her stuffed candy cane out from her toy box and leaned her head on it.  There was nothing she could do today but perhaps tomorrow she could help.  Until then she was going to have a nap.

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