July 20th – How Jack Frost became a weather magician.


The fire burned brightly in the chimney as Santa, Flora and Klaus sat on the comfy couch ready for Abigail to begin her story.  Jessie hopped up beside Santa and put her chin on his knee.  She gazed at the elf historian who was rummaging through an old briefcase.  She was pulling out random things.   First, she pulled out a small coronet.  Then she pulled out half a peanut butter sandwich.  As each article appeared she mumbled a bit louder until her face became bright red.  Finally, she pulled out a picture in a golden frame and then smiled at the group.  “This is the first picture taken of Jack Frost when he began acting as our weather magician.  I thought you might find it interesting as it shows you the lack of snow at the Pole when he first started his job.”  Abigail passed the picture to Santa and then cleared her throat.  She half closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Continue reading July 20th – How Jack Frost became a weather magician.