July 20th – How Jack Frost became a weather magician.


The fire burned brightly in the chimney as Santa, Flora and Klaus sat on the comfy couch ready for Abigail to begin her story.  Jessie hopped up beside Santa and put her chin on his knee.  She gazed at the elf historian who was rummaging through an old briefcase.  She was pulling out random things.   First, she pulled out a small coronet.  Then she pulled out half a peanut butter sandwich.  As each article appeared she mumbled a bit louder until her face became bright red.  Finally, she pulled out a picture in a golden frame and then smiled at the group.  “This is the first picture taken of Jack Frost when he began acting as our weather magician.  I thought you might find it interesting as it shows you the lack of snow at the Pole when he first started his job.”  Abigail passed the picture to Santa and then cleared her throat.  She half closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.

“The tale begins many moons ago when Santa’s great great grandfather moved his manufacturing business further North.  Originally it had been closer to the great lakes but with the increasing population it was becoming harder to hide Santa’s operations.  So, taking only a sled and some rations, Santa and his old friend Jack Frost mushed their way across the North until they came to the North Pole.

Santa could feel it was an unusual place the moment he set foot on the land.  Filled with magic, a large expanse of the pole folds in upon itself.  One step either way from the pole and you can’t see the lake or the mountains that beautify our town.  “  Abigail picked up a notebook and ruffled through the pages for a moment.

“The weather at that time was cold and with some fairy blessings Santa was able to hide the entry to the Pole so that only those who travelled with him or had a magical key would be able to see the Pole.  So, sure that his facility was secure, Santa built the large city that resides at the Pole now.

Things were uneventful in the Pole for many years.  The elves created Christmas wishes and Santa delivered them every year without interruptions.  Then, one fateful year, the roof on the main storage facility collapsed under its own weight.  The weather elves hadn’t noticed that a solar flare had made its way to earth and affected the air currents above the building.  Under the ice were many of the toys for North America.  It was two days before Christmas and Santa and the elves went into disaster mode.  They cleared ice and debris right up until Santa had to make his Christmas deliveries.  Santa had recovered most of the toys but unfortunately one small town in the North was missed.  That day many children stopped believing in Santa.  It was a day filled with great sadness for the Claus family.”  A tear slipped down Abigail’s face.  She sniffed and carried on with a wavering voice,

‘Santa met with the Guild of Magical Creatures and convinced them that he needed someone to keep his facility safe from the ever changing patterns of the weather.  Jack Frost, being Santa’s closest friend, seemed the natural choice. The queen fairy Felicia blessed Jack and gave him magical powers over the air, the earth and the wind.

It wasn’t long before Jack had his first great task.  The next winter the weather was warm and the candy making facility began to melt.  There was caramel and peppermint seeping out of the sides of the building down the road and into the lake by the mountain.  After much experimentation Jack learnt how to cool the winds with his magic.  He used the wind to cool the factory and save the candy for the children.

Ove the years, Jack has met with many problems. Fires, exploding geysers, comets, warming winds, bright sun and bone chilling cold have all caused problems.  Jack taught himself how to face these problems and saved the Pole many times.  I understand that the two of you will be replacing him?”  Abigail looked up from her notebook and over the rim of her reading glasses at Flora and Klaus.

“Yes, Abigail, I think they will do a fine job,” Santa replied.  He stroked the dog’s fur and crinkled his nose. “Did Jack leave any instructions on weather repair?”

“There is a manual he created many years ago.  I’m afraid it is incomplete, and the ink is smudged in some places, but it should give Flora and Klaus a place to start. I brought it with me.  It’s here somewhere.”  Abigail began searching in her briefcase again.  She began to pull out more items and Jessie was fascinated.  This time she pulled out an old cuckoo clock, a pair of clean underwear, lip gloss and a tube of glue before she extracted a large book wrapped in brown paper.

“Good work, Abigail.  The elves will start reading through the book tonight and give me an update in the morning.  That is if they are still interested in the job.  Flora, Klaus do you still want to be weather magicians?”  Santa looked down at the pair of elves beside him.

“Of course, Santa.  We’ll read through the book and see if we can come up with a plan for fixing the manufacturing facility tonight.  We’ll report back tomorrow.”  Flora gently picked up the book and pulled Klaus to his feet.  They bowed at Santa and Abigail and left the living room.  Abigail sniffed and followed behind them closing the front door firmly behind her.

Santa smiled.  “Well, Jessie.  I think we have a plan in place.  Let’s hope that the elves are as clever as I think they are and that they find an answer to our problem.  But for now let’s rest in the warmth of the fire. “

Jessie nestled in closer.  Santa and Jessie watched the flickering flames lost in their own thoughts.  Man and dog sharing a quiet moment while they can.

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