July 21st – Jack Frost’s magic book


Klaus cleared his throat and looked at Santa, Molly and Jessie.  “Flora and I stayed up until very late last night looking at Jack Frost’s manual.  He did a thorough job of documenting his weather spells but I’m afraid that some water damage has wiped out some of the words.  There is a spell to pull cold air from the sky down but it is missing one important word.  We can guess at the word but we’re afraid that if we guess wrong we could destroy the buildings in town.  Besides, Flora and I tried working with several of Jack’s minor incantations and we couldn’t get them to work.  For example, we tried to boil a pot of water with Jack’s words , but it didn’t work.  We’re afraid that we have let you down, Santa.”  Klaus glanced at Flora as she looked at the floor.  His cheeks flushed and he picked at his finger nails. Continue reading July 21st – Jack Frost’s magic book