July 21st – Jack Frost’s magic book


Klaus cleared his throat and looked at Santa, Molly and Jessie.  “Flora and I stayed up until very late last night looking at Jack Frost’s manual.  He did a thorough job of documenting his weather spells but I’m afraid that some water damage has wiped out some of the words.  There is a spell to pull cold air from the sky down but it is missing one important word.  We can guess at the word but we’re afraid that if we guess wrong we could destroy the buildings in town.  Besides, Flora and I tried working with several of Jack’s minor incantations and we couldn’t get them to work.  For example, we tried to boil a pot of water with Jack’s words , but it didn’t work.  We’re afraid that we have let you down, Santa.”  Klaus glanced at Flora as she looked at the floor.  His cheeks flushed and he picked at his finger nails.

“I’m not surprised you were unable to get the incantation working, Klaus.  You haven’t been given magical powers by the fairy queen Felicia yet.  She plans to drop in tomorrow to grant the pair of you some limited powers.  The powers should be enough to get the minor incantations working.  Once were sure that your bodies can cope with the magic she will give you the full dose of the powers that will be required to repair the Pole.”  Santa took of his wire rimmed glasses and placed them on the glass coffee table in front of him.  He picked up Jack’s book and flipped through the pages looking at the damage.

“It’s a shame that there are smudges but I’m assuming that once the two of you learn some basic magic you will be better able to figure out the word that is missing.  Let’s see if Jack’s words really do boil a pot of water.  Santa stood up and went to the kitchen.  He returned shortly with a large spaghetti pot filled with ice cold water and a trivet to place it on.  He opened the book to the beginning and found the incantation for boiling the water.  He juggled his nose and chanted the words.

“Boil, boil, toil and trouble.  Make this water hot and bubble.”  Within seconds the pot began to boil and steam wafted up into the rafters of the little cottage.  Santa grinned.  “I don’t have much weather magic but I used to train with Jack when he first started his job and I do know a little.  At least we know the spells work.”

“Show off!”  Molly smiled affectionately at Santa and patted his knee.  “I’m sure Flora and Klaus will have no problem performing the spell once you see Felicia.   What time is she coming tomorrow, Santa?”

“Who knows?” replied Santa.  “You’ll need to get used to Felicia’s eccentricities Flora and Klaus.  She may show up at two in the morning, or midnight, or any time between.  She runs by her own timeline and most people find her presence a little jarring.  But she is a kind creature.  I hope she takes the pair of you under her wing and teaches you what she knows.  It could be very helpful and more than entertaining for you. Now, you both look tired.  You had better get some sleep.   As soon as Felicia arrives I’ll have Jessie come wake you.  Right, Jessie?”

Jessie pounded her tail on the couch and yipped.  She liked to feel useful and she was excited by the magic.  Somehow knowing Santa could perform minor weather magic pleased her.  It was nice to know her old friend had abilities she had not yet discovered.  Santa always surprised her.  It was one of the things she liked best about the Pole  She never knew what Santa was going to do next and she had a feeling that once Felicia appeared things would get interesting.

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