July 22nd – Felicia the fairy queen visits Santa



Jessie yawned and stretched.   Her eyelids drooped as she rose from her bed and trailed behind Santa to the kitchen.  When Santa opened the door Jessie’s eyes opened wide.  Sitting on the stove was the fairy queen Felicia.  Pots and pans fell to the floor from a rack hung over the island.  There was a clatter of falling pots mixed with the cuckoo clock striking once.

“Good morning, Felicia.  I see you are here bright and early,” Santa cheerfully greeted Felicia as he pulled his robe tightly shut around him.  “I’ll just give Flora and Klaus a call.  I’ll be back shortly.”  Santa took out his cell phone and moved out of the kitchen leaving Jessie alone with the fairy queen.

Felicia tried to stand but she was wearing a long golden dress and it caught on the edge of the stove.  She fell sideways with a howl to the floor.  Her porcelain face turned red and her green curly hair stood straight up as she flew upwards to the ceiling to escape the stove.  She landed gently across the room and kicked Molly’s favourite saucepan against the fridge.  Felicia adjusted her skirt and then curiously looked around the room.  She noticed Jessie sitting at the door looking at her.

Jessie tried to back away but Felicia held out her hand and slid the dog closer to her.  “You must be the dog that Santa’s fallen for.  Well, you don’t look like much.  Let’s see what we can do to spice you up,” Felicia squinted her eyes as Jessie whined.  She raised her hand and flicked her wrist towards the dog.

Jessie felt momentarily sick.  She looked down.  Her once tan and black coat was now jack-o’ lantern orange and her feet had grown twice their size.  Felicia nodded and then walked around the dog.  “An improvement I think.”  Felicia then let the dog go and went to the table where she sat down heavily on the chair to wait for Santa.

Jessie whined again just as Santa came into the room.  Santa took one look at the dog and clenched his wrists “Felicia! he called.  Undo what you did to Jessie this minute.”

“But, the dog looks much better in orange.  More magical and fitting to be playing with elves.  Her normal looks are too boring.” Felicia curled her finger in her ringlets.  “I could turn the dog green I suppose.  That way she would match the elves clothing.” She moved to raise her hand.

“No, I want her the same as she was.  NOW!”  Santa slapped his fist on the cupboard.

“Very well.”  With a flick of her wrist she waved her hand at Jessie and the dog felt sick again.  Within seconds her normal coat returned.  Her legs wobbled underneath her as she ran to Santa and hid behind his legs.

“Where are these elves I’m to give minor powers to,” Felicia examined her fingernails and looked at Santa out of the corner of her eye.

“There coming just now.” Santa opened the door and Flora and Klaus shuffled into the room.  Klaus’ eyes had dark circles under them and edge of Flora’s nightshirt stuck out of her skirt.  When they saw Felicia they bowed and then moved over to stand beside Santa.

“Very well.  I have to be in China in an hour.  Silly Myrtle has blown a hole in the Great Wall again and I have to fix it before the mortals notice.  Let’s get on with this.  Elves, come here.”  Felicia motioned for Flora and Klaus to stand before her.

The elves hesitantly approached looking behind them for reassurance from Santa.  Santa smiled and waved them forward.

“You’ll have to kneel.  I have to reach your heads and I’m short.  If you stand I won’t be able to reach you.”

Felicia took one step backwards and waited until the elves knelt before her.  She placed one hand on each of the elves heads and then closed her eyes.  She took a deep breath and then purple light radiated from her hands into the foreheads of Flora and Klaus.  The energy flowed from Felicia for a minute before she pulled her hand away from the elves heads and then staggered back slightly.  She took another breath and then straightened her skirt again.

“That should do it. I’ve given you some minor powers.  You’ll feel sick until morning but then you should be able to start using your magic.  We’ll know within the week whether or not you are cut out to keep the powers permanently and we’ll know within the month if I can increase them.  Santa, I must be leaving.  Apologize to Molly for the mess I made but if you had left a light on I wouldn’t have banged into those darned pots.  You know I always come in the kitchen window.” Felicia rose and flew back out the kitchen window leaving the elves staring after her with their mouths hanging open.

Santa chuckled.  “I told you she was eccentric.  The pair of you had better head to bed.  You’ll feel sick shortly.  Tomorrow we get to experiment with your powers.”

Flora and Klaus left the room and Santa looked gently down at Jessie.  The dog was still shaking and hiding behind his legs.  Santa reached over and closed the kitchen window.  He then bent down and stroked the dogs fur.  “It’s all right, Jessie.  You’re back to normal and the next time I see her I’ll make sure she knows not to touch you again.  You’re perfect the way you are.”

Jessie glanced upwards and licked Santa across the nose.  She ran to the kitchen door looking behind her and bolted for her bed when Santa opened the door.  Jessie rearranged the covers until they covered everything but the tip of her tail.  She shook for several moments as Santa gently stroked the blanket.  She shook for a long time but eventually her fitful snores were heard throughout the tiny house.

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