July 23rd – Santa has an unexpected visitor


“Boil, boil, toil and trouble.  Make this water hot and bubble.”  Flora squinted and waved her hands as she recited the words to make water boil.  Nothing happened. 

Flora looked at Santa with a tear falling down the corner of her eye.  She stomped her foot and then stood up straight.  Flora concentrated and yelled the words across the kitchen. Almost immediately the pot began to boil and hiss.

Santa smiled and patted Flora on the shoulder.  “The magic works Flora.  Once Klaus is feeling better we’ll give him the same test.  While he’s sick let’s take a look at the magic book and see if Jack Frost left us any clues as to how to save the manufacturing facility.   There must be a spell for cooling down ice somewhere.”  Santa hummed as he opened the book and began rifling through the pages.  He stopped almost immediately and put his wire rimmed glasses.  Santa looked over the top and winked at Flora and then began gazing through the book again.

Flora sat on the hard kitchen chair and patted Jessie on the head.  Her face was flushed and a small smile crossed her face as she looked up towards the ceiling.  She whispered and waved her hands at the pot behind Santa.  The pot boiled the water once more and Flora grinned.  She rubbed Jessie’s head a little too enthusiastically and Jessie got up from under the table.  She moved over to the cabinets in front of the sink.  Jessie lay down on the floor, yawned and stretched.  She lay peacefully for a few minutes then jumped up abruptly and ran and hid behind Santa.  She looked around the table at the sink and shook.

“What’s wrong, girl?”  Santa frowned and momentarily abandoned the book.  He looked over to the sink and saw a quick movement inside the basin.  He stood and walked over to investigate.  Santa sucked in his breath and frowned.  He held out his finger and a tiny object landed on it.  It was a hummingbird.

Flora gasped and moved closer to look at the tiny creature.  She had never seen a hummingbird and was entranced by the delicate frame of the bird.  “Why is he here. Santa?  It hasn’t been that warm.  I know the manufacturing facility is starting to melt but it’s not always warm and the bird should have frozen.”

“I imagine he flew off course and landed here today,” Santa said as he frowned.  He closed the window above the sink and carried the bird over to the table where he sat it on a wire basket.  The hummingbird did not move.  Instead the tiny bird sat where it was placed.  Its wings remained tucked around it’s body.

“I think it’s too cold to move much more.  We’ll have to wait until it warms up.  I’ll have Molly boil some sugar and water for it to eat and we’ll send it south tomorrow.  The bird is lucky it landed in our sink otherwise it would have frozen.”  Santa reached down and tickled Jessie’s chin.  “Afraid of a bird are you Jessie?”  Santa chuckled once again and returned to scouring the book for a spell.  “The bird wouldn’t have gotten close to us if the weather hadn’t been so unpredictable.  We must find a spell.”

Jessie, Flora and Santa sat in silence as Santa turned the pages.  He was almost a third of the way through the book when he smiled joyfully and held up the page for Flora to see.  “I’ve found it.  He calls it a climate cooling spell.  But I’m afraid it looks rather advanced.  It’s two pages long.  You’ll have to memorize the spell.  Hmmm….   Maybe both of you should memorize it and say it together.  That would give more power to the magic.”

Satisfied Santa closed the book and looked at Flora.  “Please learn the pages within the next two days.  I’ll test Klaus tomorrow and then the next day both of you will recite the spell.  Hopefully, that will help with the melting.  I have a feeling if the spell works you’re going to be using it a great deal in the next few months.  Crystal’s weather forecast foretells a warming trend until November.”

Santa handed Flora the book and looked at the small bird in front of him quizzically.  He stood and moved to a cabinet where he rummaged around until he pulled out an old gift box with tissue paper balled up in the bottom.  He gently lifted the bird and placed it in the box and then put the box in a warm place on the table.  Santa sighed.  “I seem to be sending a lot of stray animals south this year. Hopefully, this business gets resolved soon.  You had better go and work on the spell, Flora.  Thank-you in advance for learning the passage.”  Santa stood and shooed Flora out the door and closed it firmly.  He yawned and looked at Jessie who was turning her head back and forth looking at the box.  “You don’t have to worry, Jessie.  The bird won’t hurt you.  You know for a big dog you are a little flighty.”  Santa grinned and ruffled the dog’s ears.  “At least I know when something unusual is happening.  You always jump.  Let’s go find Molly so she can help the bird and then we’ll have lunch.  Sound, good?”

Jessie barked and ran to the door taking the long route around the kitchen to avoid the gift box.  She waited at the door as Santa laughed merrily and followed behind.

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