July 24th -Weather Magicians cast their spell

iceSanta looked at  the wall of the manufacturing facility.  A small trickle of water dripped down the exterior and flowed into a stream towards the parking lot. It froze in a patch of ice across the main road down the mountain. Santa stroked his beard and sighed. “Well, Jessie.  It looks like the building is melting faster than we expected.”  Santa looked down the ice strewn road. “Here come Klaus and Flora.  Let’s hope that the pair have memorized the spell and can fix the problem.”

Flora and Klaus sped up to the building and jumped off their sled.  They yelled a greeting at Jessie and shook hugged Santa.

“Good morning, Santa.”  Klaus smiled.  His bright eyes jumped out from his pale face.   “Flora and I spent most of the night memorizing the passage.  I think we’re ready to try the spell.”

Santa nodded.  “There’s no time to waste.  Please go ahead.”

Klaus and Flora joined hands and cleared their throats.  They looked into each others eyes and began to speak in  unison.

“Winds of the sky come and fly.  Bring the snow as told in the scroll.

Earth rich and strong  hear our song.  Blow the winds until their strong.

Air above so heavy and free. Send the heat across the sea.

We pray to the spirits today. Heal the pole before it decays.”

Klaus and Flora held out their hands and pink light emerged from the tips of their fingers.  The light flickered down from the sky onto the building.  As it filtered down a frosty coating covered the exterior of the wall.  The coasting trickled down to the ground and a chill surrounded the group.

Jessie didn’t have her coat on and shivered.  She looked wide eyed at Santa and edged herself closer to his boots.

Santa grinned.  “I knew the two of you could do it.  The plant seems to be safe for now.  We’ll just half to see how long it lasts.  I’ve never seen pink weather magic.  Interesting…”  Santa frowned and looked at the exterior of the building.  He stood lost in thought until Flora cleared her throat.

“Sorry,  I was just thinking.  I think we should proceed with the pair of you working on learning the rest of the passages in the magic book.  We’ll need you to perform magic again I’m sure.  Jessie and I are going down south tomorrow to a Christmas Ornament factory.  I’ll check in with you when we return from our trip.”

Flora and Klaus grinned and hopped back on the sled.  They chattered happily as they sped back towards the center of the town.

Santa sighed.  “Look, Jessie.  The top of the building is warming already.  You can tell by the difference in the color of the ice.  The elves weren’t entirely successful.  Let’s hope with the practice their powers will increase.  We’ll try to repair the building again when we get home.  Let’s go home.”

Jessie stood up and shook to warm herself.  She looked into Santa’s sad eyes and nuzzled his hand as the pair walked towards the comfort of the Claus house.  Jessie wanted to comfort Santa but she knew he’d be sad as long as the North Pole was in jeopardy.  She would try what she could to help the elves but ultimately the fate of Christmas was still in doubt.


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